Back in Class (Stressful)

Back in Class (Stressful)


Back in Class (Stressful)


The time has come for everybody to go back to school after a nice and somewhat warm holiday break. Now that school is in full swing, we get to look forward to many different events going on at CV.  One thing we have to be prepared for is midterms next week.

Junior Noah Zihmer told reporters that “Coming back from Christmas break is probably the worst part of the school year.” He continued with “Midterms put a lot of stress on me because I have to study for five different subjects. Failing midterms could completely mess up my grades.”

Many juniors have a lot of stress throughout the entire year because junior year is arguably the most important year of high school. Not only do you have to focus on your schoolwork, but you also have to be prepare for the ACT’s and SAT’s. Also this is around the the time when you begin your college search, and everyone is going to ask you where you want to go to college and what you want to do for the rest of your life. No doubt that junior year puts a lot of stress on students.

Another event at CV is pickleball season coming to and end and badminton season begging. Once the badminton rankings come out, I am one hundred percent certain people will complain about how terrible the rankings are. Junior Jack Smith is very excited for badminton season after telling reporters that “I am pretty good at badminton and can probably beat anybody.” Quite the bold statement considering there are a lot of excellent badminton players at CV.

No doubt that the second half of the year will keep interesting.  

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Back in Class (Stressful)
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