Baylor's lone wolf football commit explains why he's sticking with the Bears

And then there was one.

When defensive back Noah Daniels, a Clear Creek (Texas) product, decommitted from Baylor last week, he left the school’s football program with just one commit for the Class of 2017. That teen is Jalen Pitre, a safety from Stafford (Texas) High who insists he isn’t going anywhere else, despite the never-ending toxic spread of news related to the rape coverups, defensive stances from school officials and even absurd denials by those who were left behind to steer the program.

So, why would a bright teenager with endless promise decide to commit his future to a football program in disarray with further NCAA violations potentially on the horizon? According to Pitre, the answer has everything to do with loyalty, as he told 247Sports.

“I was just blessed to get that offer,” Pitre told 247Sports. “They offered me before my injury last year. When I tore my ACL they’ve shown love to me since then. I think it’d be wrong if I didn’t do the same. I actually really love the school no matter what they said happened and all that other stuff.

“I still love Baylor.”

Needless to say, Baylor still loves Pitre, too. It has to. He’s all they have left.

Of course, that scarcity in incoming talent can be advantageous to Pitre, too. As noted by 247Sports, without friendly competition from fellow incoming Bears, not to mention the last-second talent exodus that hit Baylor’s 2016 class, Pitre could be in position to play from the get-go, something that’s rare for a three-star recruit.

For his part, Pitre says he’s ready to make a contribution now, no matter which coach he is eventually playing for.

“Whoever it is, I’m ready to play,” Pitre told 247Sports. “Don’t go off what everybody else says. Start your own legacy and don’t let other people tell you what to do.”

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