Bowlers serve up strikes

The A Team intimidates their opponent. Photo courtesy of Byron Chow

The A Team intimidates their opponent. Photo courtesy of Byron Chow

Bowling coach Byron Chow and the team another great season this year with hopes of a trip to state. Two years ago, the team won state, and last year came in third.

The bowling team is made up of two high school leagues. One is a traveling league, consisting of two teams with four bowlers each. The other league is a fun Bellarmine-only league consisting of nine teams with four bowlers each.

One thing that is unique about the team is that every person who joins gets to learn how to bowl and receives a free bowling ball. The ball isn’t just any old ball, but one that the holes are drilled to fit each player’s hand. Coach Chow donates these bowling balls and currently has 79 in his garage.

Senior Jack Martin has been on the team since sophomore year and admits, “I came out for  bowling because I heard there was free food. Then it turned out to be pretty fun so I kept going.”

Martin heard right about the free food. Every practice they get to learn to bowl and enjoy free French fries, tater tots, pizza and drinks (funded by Bellarmine after bowlers helped with the Giving Tuesday phoneathon).

Martin explains how he likes that everyone develops a style on how they bowl. “You can be chill or aggressive. I’m a chill bowler, a slow roller.”

A majority of the starting players are first time bowlers. They come to play for different reasons, but all soon discover the love for bowling, a lifetime sport.

Junior Seraphina Kwon said, “I joined bowling because I thought it would be a good way to be more involved with school and it seemed really fun. I really enjoy bowling and  I have made new friends.”

Senior Grant Ogard explains, “I joined bowling because I wanted to do something new and different. It is a fun sport to play and I enjoy trying fun tricks shots with the guys.”

Competition is another part of bowling that builds the atmosphere of the team. There might be a lightheartedness to the team, but everyone loves the competition. The team enjoys competing against other high schools and the players on the team.

Even 2012 graduate, Michael Rector, Stanford wide receiver, was on the Bellarmine bowling team.

Senior Cooper Pethick explains, “the best part is the competition and wanting to beat people.”

The team doesn’t have to worry too much about competition because, “Chow’s mullet brings luck to the team.”

None will be spared and all will be striked. This is the life of the Bellarmine bowling team.

Matches are on Wednesday for the traveling team and Friday for the fun Bellarmine-only team. Their home field is at Bowlero Lanes in Lakewood. They hope to see more spectator support from the student body.

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