Brentwood's Brodey Hasty staying grounded before state

Brentwood's Brodey Hasty staying grounded before state


Brentwood's Brodey Hasty staying grounded before state


Brentwood's Brodey Hasty leads teammate Taylor Vroon in the 3,200-meter run Saturday.

Brentwood’s Brodey Hasty leads teammate Taylor Vroon in the 3,200-meter run Saturday.

Brentwood High’s Brodey Hasty has to be considered among the favorites to claim the Class AAA 3,200-meter title at the TSSAA State Track and Field Championships later this month.

Hasty, who finished second to Daniel Boone’s Adam Barnard at last year’s state meet, is the top returning finisher, and he recently beat his runner-up time from a season ago by more than 14 seconds, clocking a personal-best 9:01.96 at last month’s Eastern Relays in Louisville, Ky.

The sophomore standout is taking nothing for granted, though.

“I’m still nervous,” said Hasty, a 2015 All-Midstate first-teamer and the reigning Tennessean Boys Cross Country Runner of the Year. “People come up every year that are faster than the people before, so there’s going to be some good competition for sure.”

While it was nowhere near last month’s mark, Hasty took first in the 3,200 at Saturday’s Class AAA Section 3 South Sub-Sectional at Brentwood High School with a time of 9:33.36, beating second-place finisher and Bruins teammate Taylor Vroon by less than a half-second.

“It’s so nice to have a training partner to pretty much do everything with,” Hasty said of Vroon. “It’s kind of a rare thing to have someone who is always there with you pushing you.”

“(Our results) flip and flop.”

Antioch's Martarious Brooks won both the 100-meter and 200-meter dashes on Saturday.

Antioch’s Martarious Brooks won both the 100-meter and 200-meter dashes on Saturday.

Vroon, who will be one of Hasty’s top 3,200-meter challengers later this month in Murfreesboro, won Saturday’s 1,600-meter run with a time of 4:19.08 — a mere 21 hundredths of a second faster than Hasty.

Hasty and Vroon, along with each of the other top-three finishers from this weekend’s sub-sectional, automatically qualified for Wednesday and Thursday’s Section 3-AAA meet at Brentwood High School. The top two remaining times/distances from both the North and South sub-sectionals receive at-large bids.

Other South sub-sectional winners included Brentwood’s Kyle Costner (110 hurdles, 300 hurdles), Independence’s Nate Johnson (long jump, triple jump), Antioch’s Martarious Brooks (100, 200), Brentwood’s Carter McKechnie (high jump), Centennial’s Jack Crouch (pole vault), Independence’s Connor Weed (shot put), Antioch’s Ishmael Arnold (discus), Antioch’s Travon Wimley (400) and Brentwood’s Chase Puskar (800).

Top performers from girls action included Ravenwood’s Amber Tanner, who won both the 100-meter (15.62) and 300-meter hurdles (45.97), along with Brentwood’s Riley White, who finished first in both the high jump (5-02) and 400-meter run (57.77).

Other girls winners were Brentwood’s Hailey Hendry (3,200), Riley Coggin (800), Katherine Coffey (shot put) and Taylor Pickett (pole vault), Overton’s Kelsea Buchanan (long jump), Cane Ridge’s Maya Perry-Grimes (triple jump), McGavock’s Mikayla Thompson (discus) and Centennial’s McKenzie Williams (100).

Ravenwood's Amber Tanner (left) and Centennial's Lynna Taylor compete in Saturday's 100-meter hurdles.

Ravenwood’s Amber Tanner (left) and Centennial’s Lynna Taylor compete in Saturday’s 100-meter hurdles.


High jump — Carter McKechnie, Brentwood (6-02); George Askew, Ravenwood (6-02); Zach Tudeen, Ravenwood (5-10); Tycari Butler, Antioch (5-10); David Colville, Lebanon (5-10); Pierre Watkins, Independence (5-10)

Pole vault — Jack Crouch, Centennial (15-04); Garrett Lee, Brentwood (13-06); Trent Marable, Franklin (12-06); Harry Brunson, Hillsboro (12-00); Jack Holcombe, Brentwood (12-00).

Long jump — Nate Johnson, Independence (21-07.50); Shedrick Kirk, McGavock (21-03.25); Decarlos Allen, McGavock (20-09.50); LaRobert Wood, Hillsboro (20-09.00); Matthew Jackson, Hillsboro (20-08).

Triple jump — Nate Johnson, Independence (44-05.25); Taylor Sheffield, Independence (44-02); Raheem Reynolds, Lebanon (44-00.50); Avery Williams, Brentwood (41-07); Will Earps, Lebanon (41-03.25).

Shot put — Connor Weed, Independence (46-07); Carter Sorenson, Ravenwood (41-10.25); Isaiah Roberts, Franklin (42-07.25); Ishmael Arnold, Antioch (42-06.75); Matthew Walters, Brentwood (41-10).

Discus — Ishmael Arnold, Antioch (123-06); Isaiah Roberts, Franklin (117-00); Connor Weed, Independence (116-09); John Taylor (115-03); Jackson Estep, Brentwood (115-02).

4x800m — McGavock (8:15.80); Brentwood (8:17.36); Centennial (8:20.12); Ravenwood (8:24.17); Independence (8:35.85).

110m hurdles — Kyle Costner, Brentwood (15.55); John Wilkerson, Hillsboro (16.16); Jerome Dooley Jr., Antioch (16.17); Ames Arrington, Independence (16.23); Taylor Sheffield, Independence (16.24).

100m — Martarious Brooks, Antioch (11.47); Kylan Stribling, Independence (11.49); Deonte Wilson, Hillwood (11.53); Donald Weakley, Antioch (11.64); Chris Rowland, Ravenwood (11.65).

4x200m — Antioch (1:29.31); Independence (1:30.98); Cane Ridge (1:31.68); Hillwood (1:32.17); Centennial (1:32.44).

1600m — Taylor Vroon, Brentwood (4:19.08); Brodey Hasty, Brentwood (4:19.29); Jonathan Helton, Centennial (4:21.22); Scott Thompson, Brentwood (4:21.59); Davis Bove, Centennial (4:34.35).

4x100m — Independence (42.89); Cane Ridge (43.50); Antioch (43.62); Centennial (43.70); McGavock (44.04).

400m — Travon Wimley, Antioch (50.18); Marcus Archibald, McGavock (50.97); Chris Rowland, Ravenwood (51.08); William Pope, Franklin (51.14); Tracey Jenkins, Centennial (51.47).

300m hurdles — Kyle Costner, Brentwood (40.16); John Wilkerson, Hillsboro (40.21); Duvwon Baker, Lebanon (41.07); Jon Svestka, Summit (41.86); Logan Guidera, Franklin (42.44).

800m — Chase Puskar, Brentwood (1:57.44); Ryan Lee, Brentwood (1:57.60); Jonathan Helton, Centennial (1:58.00); Nick Sepanski, Franklin (1:58.66); Max Benson, Brentwood (1:59.22).

200m — Martarious Brooks, Antioch (22.75); Bailey Michael, Antioch (23.05); Michael Muir, Franklin (23.20); Jarett Long, Centennial (23.26); Deonte Wilson, Hillwood (23.27).

3200m — Brodey Hasty, Brentwood (9:33.36); Taylor Vroon, Brentwood (9:33.80); Jackson Vroon, Brentwood (9:36.52); Davis Bove, Centennial (9:44.87); Meyer Makemson (9:49.08).

4x400m — Franklin (3:25.89), Independence (3:27.10); Brentwood (3:27.11); Centennial (3:31.64); Antioch (3:31.95).

Brentwood's Hailey Hendry (right) and Ravenwood's Annika Sleenhof compete in Saturday's 3,200-meter run.

Brentwood’s Hailey Hendry (right) and Ravenwood’s Annika Sleenhof compete in Saturday’s 3,200-meter run.


High jump — Riley White, Ravenwood (5-02); Moriah Sims (Independence) 5-02; Olivia Link (Hillwood) 5-00; Mikayla Murphy (Ravenwood) 5-00.

Pole vault — Taylor Pickett, Brentwood (11-00); Katie Woods, Brentwood (10-00); Nikki Arab, Brentwood (8-09).

Long jump — Kelsea Buchanan, Overton (18-07); Avery McMullen, Centennial (17-11.50); Charlotte Langbo, Brentwood (17-00.50); Sara Casey, Franklin (16-04.50); Addison White, Ravenwood (15-09.50).

Triple jump — Maya Perry-Grimes, Cane Ridge (40-01.00); Sarah Klippenstein, Ravenwood (36-04); Taylor Pickett, Brentwood (35-11); Charlotte Langbo, Brentwood (35-08.50); Avery Truelove (35-08).

Shot put — Katherine Coffey, Brentwood (42-00); Mikayla Thompson, McGavock (41-01.50); Hannah Johnson, Independence (33-07.50); Analeigh Wingo, Brentwood (33-06); Ashley Gracia, Brentwood (33-04.00).

Discus — Mikayla Thompson, McGavock (129-05); Katherine Coffey, Brentwood (128-08); Hannah Johnson, Independence (127-02); Mevelyn Wyatt, McGavock (106-02); Halle Cathey, Franklin (101-05).

4x800m — Brentwood (10:00.12); Independence (10:08.68); Ravenwood (10:10.67); Centennial (10:12.57); Cane Ridge (10:36.61).

100m hurdles — Amber Tanner, Ravenwood (15.62); Lynna Taylor, Centennial (15.80); Fayoncia Holt, Antioch (17.80); Casey Jones, Franklin (18.37); Alexandria Neal, Cane Ridge (19.15).

100m — McKenzie Williamson, Centennial (12.93); Jailah Jennings (Summit) 12.95; Maya Perry-Grimes, Cane Ridge (12.97); Takeria Otey, Centennial (13.18); Myia Smith, Antioch (13.43).

4x200m — Centennial (1:45.21); Brentwood (1:46.20); Ravenwood (1:48.55); Antioch (1:48.92); Independence (1:50.46).

4x100m — Centennial (50.66); Brentwood (50.70); Ravenwood (51.74); Cane Ridge (52.14); Antioch (52.45).

400m — Riley White, Ravenwood (57.77); Amelia Thiesing, Centennial (58.08); Addison White, Ravenwood (1:01.06); Emma Hembree, Franklin (1:02.67);  Maddie Morstad, Centennial (1:02.78).

300m hurdles — Amber Tanner, Ravenwood (45.97); Lynna Taylor, Centennial (47.53); Kelsea Buchanan, Overton (48.76); Lilly Worden, Hillsboro (51.06); Ashley Grimes, Lebanon (51.14).

800m — Riley Coggin, Brentwood (2:18.56); Grace Parsons, Ravenwood (2:19.31); Hailey Hendry, Brentwood (2:19.63); Emily Jay, Brentwood (2:20.02); Julie Henderson, Ravenwood (2:20.31).

200m — Maya Perry-Grimes, Cane Ridge (25.88); McKenzie Williamson, Centennial (26.27); Jailah Jennings, Summit (26.78); Allan Johnson, Antioch (26.87); Avery Truelove, Centennial (27.32).

3200m — Hailey Hendry, Brentwood (11:30.00); Annika Sleenhof, Ravenwood (11:31.20); Addi Coggins, Brentwood (11:32.93); Caroline Cherry, Brentwood (11:44.31); Jamie Blaylock, Ravenwood (11:47.52).

4x400m — Ravenwood (4:00.81); Centennial (4:05.00); Brentwood (4:10.15); Independence (4:12.22); Antioch (4:14.57).

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