Can you see the numbers on these new Ohio uniforms? Should they be legal?

OK, so caveats at the outset: This photo is blurry. It’s apparently a screen shot taken from a television image, be it local news or live feed.

Regardless, it clearly depicts black-on-black as part of an all-black ACDC-style get up for New Richmond in Cincinnati. As much as they may be stylish, they’re not functional. For instance, even in a close up shot, can you tell us whose number that is? Really?

If it’s not black-on-black, it’s some form of matte red on black, which is equally difficult to decipher. How can anyone tell who is committing what penalty? Or pulling in the touchdown grab? They sure look like a nightmare for referees and scorekeepers. Tough break for everyone, not least of all whoever greenlighted the uniform design. We’re sure they looked great on paper (or computer screen, as the case may have been).

Unfortunately, the hits apparently didn’t stop there for New Richmond, which didn’t get to play in Cincinnati’s Nippert Stadium apparently because of USL club FC Cincinnati, which apparently had also booked a game on the field. According to one Twitter user, New Richmond was forced to play on the Cincinnati practice fields. The final score? 49-36 Indian Hill. The blackshirted Lions start 0-1.

The good news? It’s just week one, and maybe New Richmond is getting the rough stuff out of the way early.

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