Catholic Memorial (Mass.) students taunt foe with anti-Jewish chant

Catholic Memorial (Mass.) students taunt foe with anti-Jewish chant


Catholic Memorial (Mass.) students taunt foe with anti-Jewish chant


The president of Catholic Memorial in West Roxbury, Mass., has condemned the “abhorrent beahavior” of students during Friday’s basketball game against Newtown North (Newtonville, Mass.) and apologized, saying the school will “strenuously address” the issue with the community.

According to The Boston Globe, Newtown North students chanted “where are your girls?” to the fans at all-boys Catholic Memorial and also used the term “sausage fest.” But about 50 to 75 Catholic Memorial student responded with a taunt to Newtown North, where many students our Jewish, by chanting “You killed Jesus!”

After being approached by a Newtown North administrator, Catholic Memorial officials jumped in and put an immediate stop to the chant, Newton Superintendent David Fleishman told The Globe. The students were reprimanded and each personally apologized to the Catholic Memorial president, Peter Folan.

“I know both schools deeply regret the events of last night,” Fleishman said in a statement. “The Newton North fans chanted something that was inappropriate and the CM students chanted something back that was highly insensitive and troubling. I am confident that the CM administration will address the incident with their students and I and the Newton North administration will as well.”

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Fleischman reached out to the Anti-Defamation League and said students would discuss the incident at Newtown on Monday. Fleischman also acknowledged that Newtown officials will discuss the fans’ use of a reference to the male anatomy that also could be deemed offensive.

Robert Trestan, the regional director for the Anti-Defamation League New England, told The Globe that the organization is willing to work with both schools to make the incident a teachable moment.

In a statement on Saturday, the archdiocese in Boston said the chant was “unacceptable.”  Catholic Memorial is an independent school.

“We stand ready to assist Catholic Memorial in providing the student body with the awareness education that is needed to ensure that there is no recurrence of these actions or attitudes,” the statement said.


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