Chartiers Valley DMC Guinea Pigs

Chartiers Valley DMC Guinea Pigs


Chartiers Valley DMC Guinea Pigs


The DMC (Digital Media Center) is a common place for students at Chartiers Valley to go to during the day to hang out, talk to friends, read books, or do school work.  The DMC has some unique features, but the one thing that makes it stand out is the guinea pigs.  They are cute little animals that everybody loves, and people really enjoy going there to see them.

“I think that having the guinea pigs in the DMC is a fantastic idea.  It’s really enjoyable to go there and watch them walk around in their cage” said 10th grader PJ Masella.

Mr. Welding helps take care of these guinea pigs.  They are well fed by him, always have water, and are taken home by him every day and weekend.  The guinea pigs seem to always be occupied while in their cage.  They like to always be moving around, and love to just be near each other. Students have the opportunity to take the guinea pigs out of the cage and play with them. Every student who wants to take them out must sign in and write their class for next period. After having them out the students must sanitize their hands.

The guinea pigs in the DMC are a  unique feature to have for the school.  It’s one thing that separates our DMC from other schools.  The guinea pigs are a good idea to have for the students, it allows the students to relax for a period and enjoy themselves.


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