Chavez scholar strives to be legendary

Chavez scholar strives to be legendary


Chavez scholar strives to be legendary

By: Akil Brown


By: Akil Brown


This photo shows Viera’s own representation of what makes him legendary. It has been used with permission by Jairo Viera.

In the noisy classroom desks can be heard shifting. Loud laughter and talking fills the room. Sitting in the back there is a student cracking jokes while he waits for directions. He is tall with long black hair. He is funny, and nice, a motivated student. His name is Jairo Viera.

Jairo Viera is a tenth grader here at Chavez. Jairo is from El Salvador, and admits it is a rough place. He has been at Chavez for a couple of months now, and he is in the process of transitioning to greatness. Or at least, that’s how he likes to frame his life.

“My life is legendary,” Viera said.

But while his motivated attitude is something he hopes to maintain, he said that life has not always been so easy.

“I was always seen as something I’m not,” he said.

Viera mentioned he has been discriminated many times in his life, and that people have judged him just because of the way he looks.

“Life is not life without struggles,” Viera said. “That’s the motto I go by.”

Viera said it can be hard being Hispanic in society today. However, he understands that life is always going to be full of challenges, and reminds himself of this as he goes through high school. But he had ways to cope.

“I always told myself that I was better than everyone so I can prove [the discriminators] wrong,” he said.

While Viera has faced challenges, he is still inspired to help others around him. He sees many people around him getting hurt and he hopes to change that.

“I’ve wanted to be a doctor since 5th grade,” Viera said.

His goal to be a doctor comes from Viera’s deep-rooted desire to help the people around him. But his number one goal?

“My number one goal is to be successful and wealthy.”

Viera hopes to be successful, and one day, to be rich. Until then, he continues to walk the path of greatness and be the living legend Jairo Viera.


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