Chavez scholars share their opinion on immigration

Chavez scholars share their opinion on immigration


Chavez scholars share their opinion on immigration

By: Daniel Funes


By: Daniel Funes

Immigration: Is it a bad thing or a good thing? Do undocumented immigrants deserve an education or an American Dream? Or should they come here, only to be deprived of the opportunities everyone in this country else gets?

Many people born in the United States believe illegal immigration isn’t the best thing, and the media reinforces this by portraying undocumented immigrants negatively. However, there is another side to illegal immigration: many children coming to the United States from other countries looking for a better life. In order for undocumented immigrants to be able to be successful and to contribute to the United States culture, immigration reform needs to happen.

Technically, the term “immigration” is defined as the migration of people from foreign countries to America for opportunities and a overall better life. Contrary to some arguments made in the media, undocumented immigrants don’t just come here to cause trouble. They come to work and to provide for their families and to live the American Dream.

Unfortunately, many Americans are under the impression that immigrants are a root “cause” of many problems here in America and often, immigrants are viewed as lazy, uneducated gang members.

My argument, however, is that if immigrants were given the same rights as American citizens – and if they had access to any job and any school and receive the financial aid opportunities to attend that school – then they would no longer be viewed in this negative way. The limits put on undocumented immigrants often set up the conditions for and create this negative stereotype.

Sophomore Alan Hernandez shared his strong opinions regarding immigration.

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37.8% of Capitol Hill students believe that the United States should allow undocumented immigrants a college education.

“Immigration benefits some, and others it
doesn’t,” Hernandez said. “For immigrants themselves, they probably will benefit from migrating and being able to get a job and have money  to send to their families across the border. For those here in America they probably will think that immigrants are taking their jobs and the opportunities that they believe they deserve.”

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25.7% of Capitol Hill students believe that the border should be stronger than it is right now.

Immigration reform would benefit the 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States as the United States will gain young innovative minds.

“Immigration reform can help people coming here for opportunities actually achieve what they came here for as they will be able to do things regular citizens can do and get the benefit that everyone in the United States deserves,” Hernandez said.

Immigration reform would help many people as they would be able to do the things they want and come here to actually achieve a better future for themselves and their families.

“I think that immigration reform would be great as it will allow them to overcome themselves,” junior Raul Romero said.

Immigration reform would help undocumented students receive financial aid that would allow them to earn legal residency and citizenship. This is the main problem for undocumented students: they can graduate high school at the top of their class, and yet because of the cost of college and lack of financial aid opportunities due to their status, they most likely cannot attend.

“Immigration reform will make it much easier for me to apply to colleges and to get scholarships,” Romero said.

Note: Graphical information was pulled from a survey conducted during Capitol Hill’s 1st Period classes, and includes data from the 1st Period classes who followed through with completing the survey.


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