Chinese Exchange Students Study at CCHS

Chinese Exchange Students Study at CCHS


Chinese Exchange Students Study at CCHS

By Amanda Rock


By Amanda Rock

A majority of the students that attend Charlotte Charlotte High School have been in the MACS school system since Kindergarten. Others transferred from different middle schools and elementary schools. Some moved to the area and began attending the school between Kindergarten and 12th grade.

    Many students are unaware that CCHS currently hosts four international students from China, who and are studying abroad through a program called New Oasis International Education. Sophomores James Yan, Amy Huang, and Jason Luo and one junior Xingzhou Liu are currently at CCHS and plan to attend Charlotte Catholic High School through graduation.

    The students were chosen to come to Charlotte after a lengthy application process that involves a thirty-minute video clip interview, test scores, and a paper application. Mrs. Morgan, a guidance counselor, organizes the program at CCHS and helps incoming students find host families.

    Sophomores Amy and Jason have both been living in Charlotte since August of 2015. Amy, who is from Shanghai, wanted to learn in the United States and talked to her mom about applying to study abroad. At her old school in China, Amy stayed in one classroom while the teachers travelled to different rooms throughout the day.

    Amy is currently staying with the Titman family, whose daughter Emily also attends Charlotte Catholic High School and is a sophomore. Amy experienced her first American Christmas in 2015. She and her host family and her travelled to New York City. Amy said, “It was a new experience. I travelled with my host family to New York because they have family there. We stayed in the city for two days and went to Times Square and sent postcards to my family and friends.” Christmas is not as widely celebrated in China, so this truly was a new experience for Amy. She stays in touch with her family and friends in China via video conversations.

    Jason is from Wuhan, China and has attended Charlotte Catholic since last August. He feels fortunate to experience a different education system in the States and choose the classes he takes. Two of Jason’s favorite things at Charlotte Catholic include science labs and the library. Jason enjoys trying new American cuisine, and his favorite is pizza.

    Xingzhou Liu, who goes by his surname, “Liu,” is currently the only Charlotte Catholic Junior participating in the program and has attended the school since his sophomore year. His dad wanted him to study abroad and receive a good education. In Liu’s opinion, a major difference between the U.S. and his home country is the political system. “American people have democracy and freedom — freedom of speech,” he said.

    At times, language is barrier for Liu. He must take the same classes as fellow CCHS students, for whom English is their first language. Mrs. Morgan said, “We don’t have an English Language Learners (ELL) Program. These students have to be able to go into English class and be able to read; the expectations for them are the exact same as all of the other students.”

    Charlotte Catholic is always looking for families to host incoming students through New Oasis International Education. They travel back to China over the summer to stay with their families and come back during the school year. All of the current students plan to attend Charlotte Catholic through their graduation and some are considering attending an American university after high school.


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