Chubby high school Clayton Kershaw means there's hope for everyone

Bombshell: Clayton Kershaw wasn’t always a stud.

Sure, you probably knew that he wasn’t always Superman on a baseball mound. What you may not have known is that he was downright chubby at the start of his high school career. Not only do we have the photographic proof you see above, we also have Kershaw’s own wife — his high school sweetheart Ellen — to attest to it.

As noted by the Dallas Morning-News, here’s Ellen Kershaw during a recent appearance on the Dan Patrick Show:

“He was the class clown. He was much shorter than he is now. A little chubbier…actually a lot chubbier. He was quiet. Kind of the class clown. Had tons of good friends. It was fun meeting him when he was 13 years old.”

Think about that. Actually a lot chubbier. Dude was a pudge. What happened next is history, and evolving history at that. Rarely, if ever, has a baseball player put up better numbers than Kershaw has accomplished so far this year. And that’s with a daughter who is younger than 2 keeping him up at night when he’s home.

Of course, Ellen Kershaw’s revelations raise significant new questions as well: Does he still eat Doritos or Mountain Dew after a big win? Please say yes, Clayton. Just say yes.

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