CV is Officially Adding Ultimate Frisbee

CV is Officially Adding Ultimate Frisbee


CV is Officially Adding Ultimate Frisbee


It was recently confirmed that Chartiers Valley would be welcoming a new sport to the school community. The sport? Ultimate Frisbee. Club Founder and President Nick May handed out commitment forms to all that were interested this week, and the process was officially underway.

The Club will begin practices and games in March  as members of the Pittsburgh High School Ultimate League, or simply PHUL, and will contend as a first-year, Division II program. The team will operate as a co-ed team, meaning that both boys and girls will play. Lastly, the team is being co-sponsored by Mrs. Benis and Ms. Chidlow.

Overall, students seem to be very excited about the addition of the club. Mark Kelly, a Junior who verbally and physically committed to playing come the time of spring said “I think it’s great for the school and especially for kids who wanna try a new sport and be apart of something so different and unique.”

Sean McCrerey said “This is cool; I didn’t realize until it was brought up that this was happening at CV and after talking to a friend about it, I decided to do it.”

Dominic Piganelli said “I’m excited to see how it will play out and I’m excited to see what type of team we’re going to field and hopefully we can contend for the 2016 PHUL Division II Championship.”

The season, as stated before, will pull into high gear in March, with playoffs and the eventual championship game being in May. Information will be out soon about what the final roster will look like, who will be coaching, and how the local community can get involved.


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