CV Soccer Taking Big Steps

CV Soccer Taking Big Steps


CV Soccer Taking Big Steps


If you happen to be walking the halls of Chartiers Valley on a boys soccer game day, you are sure to hear the boys of the team shouting the words, “ROAD TO.” This term is short for a long term known as “The road to Highmark.” That is Highmark Stadium, the stadium where the WPIAL final is held every year. Making it to the WPIAL final is every varsity players dream. Becoming a WPIAL champion is that dream that any varsity athlete has, and this year, the Chartiers Valley Boys Varsity soccer team has their goals set above and beyond what anyone has foreseen for them.

For many years Chartiers Valley Soccer has been in a sort of “slum.” The team itself has never been able to compete at its fullest potential like it has always dreamed. But ever since the establishing of a new coaching staff, the team has hope for success more now, than it ever has before. The team this year has a strong squad, that is more determined to finish their season on top.

Chartiers Valley recently pulled off a playoff clinching win against West Mifflin, in a 4-0 win. The team also most recently beat the number one, and also undefeated team in the section, Thomas Jefferson. It was a long and hard fought game, winning in double overtime, 3-2. The boys team has a great chance and are determined to go very far this year. All the members of the team are willing to go the distance to achieve their goals.


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