Freshman Wildlife

Freshman Wildlife


Freshman Wildlife

By: Miracle Bowlding


By: Miracle Bowlding

Photo used with permission by Gerald Contee.

Photo used with permission by Gerald Contee.

The hallways are filled with joyful and exuberant kids, sounding like a group of cattle wanting to be fed as they run from class to class. And there you’ll find Gerald Contee. Contee is one of the most playful freshmen in the building.

“I love ninth grade,” Contee said. “We the most lit class in Chavez. All the things that be happening, it be because of us.”

Contee is a very bold individual who loves to have fun and joke around with his friends. Sometimes he goes outside to play football with his friends from his neighborhood. But mostly, he spends his time at home watching reruns of “Wild ‘n Out,” an MTV series of improv comedy challenges.

“If I can be any animal it would be a monkey because they are wild and hyper,” Contee said.

Contee’s closest relationship is with his brother. They both have the same favorite comedian, Kevin Hart. Together they watch movies he starred in like “Ride Along” and “Get Hard” and all of his rated performances.

“The reason why I’m so funny, because me and my brother always cracking jokes and joaning on each other,” Contee said. “So each day I just get funnier and funnier.”

And there’s something else Contee can find the humor in.

“What makes it so funny is that my brother’s name is Gerard and my name is Gerald we have similar names but we look nothing alike,” he said.

Contee is considered one of the class clowns out of the freshman class. He’s known throughout the school because of his behavior. But when it’s time to get the work done, Contee gets it done.

“In ten years I see myself in college,” Contee said. “I don’t know what college, but I just want to make that bag, man.”

After a rocky academic first quarter, Contee made Honor Roll in the second quarter. Currently, he isn’t failing any of his classes.

“I feel like I’m following my brother’s footsteps,” Contee said. “He started off rocky, always getting in trouble. But I feel like when I get older I will become more mature.”

Contee willingly admits how much his brother means to him, and that he hopes to be like his brother when he grows up. In addition to 18-year-old Gerard, Contee looks after a younger nine-year-old sister, Tamiya. Contee wants to make his family proud, and most especially, his mom.

“I pray that Gerald becomes more mature instead of being childish,” his mother Tamika said. “I just want to see my children make it!”

At the end of the day, Contee hopes that he will have made the world a happier place.

“I want to be remembered for the laughter I gave people,” Contee said. “[I just want to make] people’s day.”


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