He's Gozan Places

He's Gozan Places


He's Gozan Places

Senior Danny Goza has lead a very interesting four years at Aquinas


Senior Danny Goza has lead a very interesting four years at Aquinas

Senior Daniel Goza has lead a very interesting life, from living in New Zealand to participating in multiple school activities including scholars bowl, show choir, science club, the musical, and track and field. However, one thing about this senior makes him stand out above the rest: his calculator.

It started last fall, when a math teacher told Goza that he could not use his calculator on a test. The teacher said it was “because you won’t have your calculator with you all the time,” Goza said.

Goza took this to heart and wanted to prove his math teacher wrong, so he started taking his calculator with him everywhere. Goza first took it with him on a trip this past fall with his family to Disney World, where he took a picture of him with his calculator to prove to his friends that he brought it.

Goza has not stopped carrying his calculator around since. His calculator, Gerald, as it has been affectionately named, has been to Notre Dame in Indiana, Italy and Disney World to name a few. Goza said he has never forgotten to bring his calculator anywhere, but that prom was one of his favorites.

He said with all the chaos that prom brings, his friends thought that he would either forget to bring it or would at least lose it at some point during the night. Goza plans on bringing his calculator up for senior mass and to graduation.

“He knows when and how to add levity to a class or situation,” English teacher Craig Ewing said about Goza.

“I hope at least one other person starts taking their calculator everywhere,” said Goza, “It would be hilarious to come visit my little siblings and see someone with their TI-84 in their pocket.”

  Not only is Goza a calculator enthusiast, but he is a fan of gymnastics as well. Goza did gymnastics for about ten years in three different parts of the world: New Zealand, The US states of New Zealand, the US states of Georgia and Kansas.

During Goza’s eventful gymnastic career, while on the high bar, he got 12 staples in his head and some deep suture stitches when he was 13 years old.

“I pulled in too much on a double-back dismount and whacked my head,” Goza said.

Even after his head injury, Goza still competed at the highest level. He qualified for nationals, but could not attend due to his shoulder injury. His favorite tumbling stunt before the injury, was a triple backflip from the rod floor into a foam pit. Unfortunately, he had to stop because of two shoulder surgeries.

Goza plans to attend the University of Notre Dame to study bioengineering or something similar.

“The opportunities that Notre Dame have to offer are incredible… I have had family go there for years, and know it will be a good fit for me.” He will no doubt have Gerald by his side.



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He's Gozan Places
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