High school all-star football game Sunday

High school all-star football game Sunday


High school all-star football game Sunday


Some high school football players need little reason to pull on pads and a helmet to get out and play.

The graduated seniors in the annual Eddie Meath All-Star Game also have a worthy cause.

Funds raised during this year’s game, 2 p.m. Sunday at East Irondequoit Eastridge, go to the Golisano Children’s Hospital at the University of Rochester Medical Center. Organizers of the game, including members of the Section V football committee, have donated proceeds for years to the hospital that serves children from a 17-county region.

Tickets are $7 for the 34th edition of the charity game.

34th Annual Eddie Meath

All-Star Football Game rosters

Cheerleaders: Abby Shepard (Churchville-Chili), Amanda Johnston (Greece Arcadia), Danielle Karns (Greece Arcadia), Hanna Gooding (Spencerport), Holley Allen (Greece Athena), Jessica Hepner (Greece Athena), Julia Detota (East Rochester), Lauren Pinney (Batavia), Leora Deisenroth (Honeoye Falls-Lima), Lexa Sudore (Greece Athena), Mary Welch (Avon), Michael McQuillen (LeRoy), Molly Domkowski (Churchville-Chili), Reilley Kane (Avon), Samantha Garcea (Churchville-Chili), Vanessa Hepner (Greece Athena), Victoria Steed (Churchville-Chili). Coaches: Carolyn Benham and Dina Barnard.

East team roster: No. 2 Justin Davis, wide receiver (Bishop Kearney); 3 Jahadi Prior, linebacker (Fairport); 4 Gavin McDonald, linebacker (Rush-Henrietta); 5 Raheen Gayden, defensive back (East High); 6 Brandan Gartland, wide receiver (Webster Schroeder); 7 Jack Callahan, defensive back (Victor); 8 Isaiah Brown, defensive back (Pittsford); 9 Andrew Shoemaker, kicker (Wayne); 10 D’Aaron Johnson, wide receiver (East High); 11 Jared Gerbino, quarterback (Rush-Henrietta); 13 Devin Green, wide receiver (Bishop Kearney); 14 Reginald Robinson, defensive back (Rush-Henrietta); 15 Aaron Pilgrim, defensive lineman (Bishop Kearney); 20 Patrick Barrow, linebacker (Victor); 21 Coron Broomfield, running back (Canandaigua); 23 Dan Barrow, running back (Victor); 24 Joseph Ortiz, wide receiver (Rush-Henrietta); 25 Simeon Heard, running back (Finney); 33 Pat Vandermark, running back (Webster Thomas); 42 Chad Parker, defensive lineman (Victor); 44 Jack Hartnett, linebacker (Penfield); 51 Nick Randise, offensive lineman (Webster Schroeder); 52 Alex Brothers, offensive lineman (East Rochester); 54 Duncan Bastedo, offensive lineman (Clyde-Savannah); 55 Hayden Ricci, offensive lineman (East Rochester); 56 Ricky Hober, defensive lineman (Pittsford); 57 Trenton Eubanks, linebacker (Rush-Henrietta); 59 Matthew Snow, defensive lineman (Rush-Henrietta); 65 Robbie Schempp, defensive lineman (Webster Thomas), 70 Austin Reeves, offensive lineman (Rush-Henrietta); 72 Nick Zona, defensive lineman (Webster Thomas), 75 Austin Walden, offesnive lineman (Canandaigua); 77 Joe Capuano, defensive lineman (East Irondequoit Eastridge); 80 Frederick Johnson, running back (Bishop Kearney); 94 Joshua Jackson, linebacker (Bishop Kearney). Head coach: Eddie Long (Bishop Kearney). Assistant coaches: Chris Carter (Bishop Kearney), Sam Carlisi (Bishop Kearney), Art Carlisi (Bishop Kearney), Jason Collins (Rush-Henrietta), Larry Long (Monroe).

West team roster: No. 1 Michael Rice, defensive back (Bath); 2 Kory Wyatt, running back (University Prep); 3 Dillon Philmon, running back (Hilton); 5 Reggie Russell, wide receiver (Greece Olympia); 6 Chris DiCesare, running back (Irondequoit); No. 7 Zack Loomis, running back (Avon); 8 Isaiah Benjamin, wide receiver (Wilson); 9 Patrick Brewer, running back (Bath); 10 Richard Brimacomb, linebacker (Irondequoit); 12 Sean Mannion, quarterback (Irondequoit); 14 Greg Mruczek, quarterback (Batavia); 15 Tommy Carr, kicker (Churchville-Chili); 16 Brandon Cutter, defensive lineman (Hilton); 17 Noah Barnard, linebacker (Greece Arcadia); 19 Cody Dubiel, defensive back (York); 20 Mike Galton, defensive back (Warsaw); 21 Shemar Hayes, defensive back (Aquinas); 22 Adonis Davis, defensive back (Batavia); 24 Bailey Pittman, wide receiver (Hilton); 30 Nick Egeling, linebacker (LeRoy); 40 Ted Lawson, linebacker (Hilton); 41 Dominick Mogavero, linebacker (Batavia); 42 John Ceneviva, wide receiver (Avon); 50 Justin Clayton, offensive lineman (Hilton); 51 Sam Yodice, defensive lineman (Aquinas); 52 Anthony Natrigo, defensive lineman (LeRoy); 54 Joshua Lutz, linebacker (Avon); 58 Chris Sodoma, offensive lineman (Brockport); 60 Aaron Mann, offensive lineman (Warsaw); 66 Devon Ross, defensive lineman (Greece Arcadia); 67 Travis Mosher, defensive lineman (Livonia); 69 Cameron Rohr, offensive lineman (Irondequoit); 74 Kirk Kornbau, defensive lineman (Livonia); 75 Sal Finocchario, defensive lineman (Greece Arcadia); 76 Nick Himes, offensive lineman (Greece Arcadia); 83 Graham Freeman, defensive back (Avon); 88 Ryan Hogan, wide receiver (Batavia). Head coach: John Lockhart (Greece Arcadia). Assistant coaches: Nate Zelesnikar (Greece Arcadia), Tim Pearson (Greece Arcadia), Scott Nugent (Brockport) and Kory Shea (Greece Olympia).

Alexander's Tyler Laird breaks a tackle during a run for a touchdown in last year's Eddie Meath All-Star Football Game.

Alexander’s Tyler Laird breaks a tackle during a run for a touchdown in last year’s Eddie Meath All-Star Football Game.


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