Lincoln Park Voters Mirrored National Trends

By SIREN Staff

In Tuesday’s presidential election, voters were nearly split in half between the two candidates. And eligible voters at Lincoln Park seemed to mirror the national results.

In a survey of some of the 31 eligible voters in Lincoln Park, the votes were split in half between the two presidential candidates.

Stephen Solomon, a senior Theatre major from Monaca, said, “I voted for Hillary because I had watched one of the debates and she had good points pertaining to the health care program.” Solomon added that Trump and his Vice Presidential nominee, Mike Pence, were the “dynamic duo from hell.”

Senior Steven Solomon

Senior Stephen Solomon

“I voted for Trump,” said Julianna Ronto, a senior Musical Theatre major from Washington. “Because I agreed more with what he was for. Like his stance on abortion in particular.”

Senior Julianna Ronto

Senior Julianna Ronto

Trump got 290 electoral college votes and 47.5 percent of the popular vote, and Clinton got 232 electoral college votes and 47.7 percent of the popular vote. In Pennsylvania, which is a swing state, we had 20 electoral college votes to give to one of the candidates. Pa. was one of the last states to decide who our votes went to, and at the very end, they narrowly went to Trump.

When asked, Lincoln Park voters overwhelmingly stated that their reasons for supporting either candidate were based on social issues.

Joey Feniello, a senior media major from North Allegheny, said, “I have a lot of friends in the LGBT community. The fact that the President and Vice President both support conversion camps is scary. Whether it is put into action or not, they support it. Hillary is more forward thinking.”

There were also several important races on the ballot for local representatives.

In the Senate race, Pat Toomey won in Pennsylvania with a 48.9 percent popular vote against Katie McGinty. The total Senate race came to result in 51 Republicans and 48 Democrats.

In the House of Representatives, Beaver County’s representative is Keith Rothfus who won with 61.9 percent of the votes. In total, Pennsylvania’s representatives resulted in 13 Republicans and 5 Democrats. The House of Representatives in DC ended with 238 Republicans and 193 Democrats.

The Senate and House are controlled by the Republican party.

Trump also will be able to appoint anywhere from one to four Supreme Court judges during his term.

Both presidential candidates had close to 60% disapproval ratings, which is unprecedented for any presidential election in recent history. Many voters felt that choosing one candidate in this election was a difficult decision, like they were choosing the lesser of two extremely unfavorable evils.

National turnout was in line with the last 2 or 3 elections, with slightly more than 50% of people having casted their vote. With the eligible Lincoln Park voters that were surveyed, however, only one of them didn’t vote. That’s close to 90 percent, which is a much better turnout than the country’s 50.

As was the case nationally, some Clinton supporters here on campus felt angered by Trump’s victory. And a few potential Lincoln Park voters said they simply couldn’t choose.

Music major Leah Nichols, a senior from Midland, said she found voting “too stressful,” but if she were forced to vote, she would’ve given it to Trump.

SIREN staff members Emmett Kasper, Sara Hamilton, Payton Cianfarano, Ashley Apel, Hannah Michalowski, Tanir Morrison, Emily Koscinski, Marena McCollough, Nova Fox, and Ian McKinzie contributed to this story

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