Coach's resignation letter: 'My wife and kids miss me, and I miss them'

Coach's resignation letter: 'My wife and kids miss me, and I miss them'


Coach's resignation letter: 'My wife and kids miss me, and I miss them'


There already have been 43 coaching changes in high school football in Southern California, according to Chris Fore, who tracks the moves at

The reasons, of course, are many — some are coaches moving to other jobs, some are schools deciding to move on from their current coaches.

Perhaps the best resignation letter, though, belongs to now-former Los Altos High coach Dale Ziola, who resigned after six seasons. He built a moribund program into one that went 13-1 this season with the only loss coming in the CIF Southern Section Division 6 title game.

In 2010 — the year before Ziola’s arrival — the team went 0-10. It went 8-4 in his first season and began a steady climb back up to the position it once held among the area’s top programs.

But Ziola decided it was time, and here’s why: “My wife and kids miss me, and I miss them.”

That was the subject line of an emailed statement he sent out the day after his resignation was made public.

He began, “Because my Christmas lights are still not up … ”

And later, “I was blessed to be a part of this great chapter in the book of Los Altos Football. As the page turns…so do priorities. The responsibilities and demands on a Head Coach continue to increase, at least the only way I know how to do the job, and at the same time, my kids continue to grow and have more and more to do, which has lead to me being absent from their lives at an increasing rate.

“Unfortunately, I’m not intelligent enough to work smarter. I just work harder, which has taken more time from my family, and as I grow older, I find myself desperately wanting to rectify this problem, and be a better family man. That means less attention and energy I can give to Los Altos Football. “

At the present moment, I don’t know how to do the job any different than I already do, and it would be an injustice to the hard working kids of Los Altos to continue on as my focus shifts to more to my family.

“So, it is time for me to step away from the Head Coach role, maybe coach some where in a lesser capacity, that I may be a better father and husband, and learn from others how to be a better coach. Maybe learn how to win the big one, which is what this community wants, and the kids and school so rightfully deserve.

“Thank You Los Altos, admin, conqueror crazies, parents, and especially the student-athletes.

“It’s time to Clark Griswold my house.”


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