Mass. football coach pledges to sit out until star RB can play, too

Shepherd Hill running back Kevin Mensah (Photo: Twitter)

Mass. football coach pledges to sit out until star RB can play, too

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Mass. football coach pledges to sit out until star RB can play, too


A Central Massachusetts football coach has made waves by refusing to take the sidelines on game day until his star running back is cleared to compete alongside his teamamtes.

As reported by the Worcester Telegram & Gazette, Shepherd Hill football coach Chris Lindstrom has refused to coach his team until new senior running back Kevin Mensah, a transfer from Holy Name, is deemed eligible to compete. To this point his season has consisted of watching his teammates play because the waiver form that was filed by Shepherd Hill has not been signed by Holy Name. Officials at Mensah’s former school have refused to divulge why they won’t sign the form, but confirmed they haven’t done so.

That refusal has forced Shepherd Hill to file an appeal, which is scheduled to be heard in time to allow Mensah to compete for his team Sep.23, should it be granted. Until then there appears little recourse for Mensah or Lindstrom to get back in the game, with the coach steadfastly insisting that he won’t be moved from his position. Just as Lindstrom sat out his team’s season opener against Shrewsbury, he plans to sit out Friday night’s game against St. John’s of Shrewsbury.

“If he doesn’t play this week, we’re going to do the same thing,” Lindstrom told the Telegram & Gazette. “We don’t care about wins and losses. That’s not why we’re doing this. If I sit out to support him, I know our other kids will see that and know I’d do the same thing for them if it needed to be done.

“I’m doing everything I can to help Kevin emotionally. What they’re doing to this young man is despicable in my mind, I don’t care what the rules are — figure it out. … It’s crazy to think about what they’re doing. We just want him to be able to play football, and if they decide that one school is better for him than another, I’ll drive him there myself.”


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