MAT raises money to help math students

MAT raises money to help math students


MAT raises money to help math students


Mr. Paul Stadelman hits Mr. Dante Orsini in the face with a pie after students selected Orsini to receive the pie in the face as part of the Mu Alpha Theta fundraiser

Some people think starting a new fundraiser is easy as Pi, but the Mu Alpha Theta Pi Day fundraiser that took place during the week of March 7 took a lot of time and effort to plan.

The idea of the fundraiser was suggested by senior Noah Seelhorst in a Mu Alpha Theta meeting.  He planned the event around Pi day (March 14) to help students in need.

Graphing calculators can range from $100 to $200 but they are a requirement for many upper math courses.   Students who cannot afford them are then put in a difficult position.

“I decided to do it because Pi dealt with math and [doing the fundraiser] would help better math honor society,” he said.

Seelhorst suggested that, members of the club would go out with collection jars during homeroom.  Anyone who donated would get a ticket to put in the jar with the name of the teacher they would want to see get a pie to the face.

Mr. Yarnot, Mr. Orsini and Mr. Mitchell volunteered to take a pie to the face for the fundraiser.  Ms. Piekarski was added to that group later on in the week.

The goal was set at $2000 which would get about 25 calculators for Shaler students.  If $2000 was raised, all of the teachers would get pied.

“The goal was to fund raise enough money to give graphing calculators to students who could not afford to purchase their own,” Paul Stadelman, the sponsor for Mu Alpha Theta, said.

However, the fundraiser only raised $350.

“We did not reach our total goal of $2000, but we should have enough money to buy 5 or 6 calculators for students in need,” Stadelman said.

The teacher who received the most donations was Mr. Orsini and was the one who got a pie to the face during homeroom on March 14.

All in all, as this was the first year for the fundraiser, it went well.

“The goal is for it to happen next year.  I hope the underclassmen carry it on,” Seelhorst said.


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