McCabe: Corunna’s Noah Jacobs runs to Div. 2 state title

McCabe: Corunna’s Noah Jacobs runs to Div. 2 state title


McCabe: Corunna’s Noah Jacobs runs to Div. 2 state title


BROOKLYN, Mich. – There was only one remarkable aspect to Noah Jacobs’ 1,235th consecutive day of running.

The Corunna senior had run much longer distances than he ran Saturday, and he certainly had run faster than he did on this day at the Michigan International Speedway.

But following the race, Jacobs could say something for the first time.

“I came in as a freshman and saw times and stuff, and I went up to my coach and said: ‘I want to win a state championship,’ ” Jacobs said. “At first he thought it was a joke, but then he said: ‘OK, let’s do this.’ I’ve been working for this.”

He had been working for the opportunity to call himself a state champion.

Jacobs was favored to win the Division 2 state title race, and he did just that in a time of 15:28. But this race was anything but easy.

After warming up on the course, which featured plenty of soggy spots, not to mention a stiff wind, Jacobs realized that his goal of breaking 15 minutes was not going to happen.

“It wasn’t worth my time to go out and only think about time,” he said. “It wasn’t going to be beneficial, it was just going to end in a day I felt I could have done more.”

There was little more Jacobs could do, because after the first mile he was in front alone trying to battle the elements.

“It was one of the harder races I’ve ever run,” he said. “Nobody really wanted to push the pace, so I jumped right out in front like I wanted to. Nobody really wanted to come with me or really take any of the brunt themselves. Got in the stadium and the wind was in my face. It was a battle the last mile. It really was.”

After a mile, there was a pack of about seven runners behind him, and Jacobs knew exactly what they were doing.

“I could tell no one was right on my shoulder, right at my back,” he said. “I knew those guys were working together. I think everyone was really waiting for me to feel the wind or have the course conditions affect me and have me fall back a little bit.”

Well, good luck with that strategy, because it was not going to happen. Not with all of the work Jacobs has put in over the years.

1,219 straight days of running propels Corunna’s Noah Jacobs forward

After the mile mark, Jacobs accepted the fact there would be no one to work with during the race. In fact, it resembled any one of a number of races this season in which he wasn’t challenged.

“I knew it was just me, and I had to do what I had been doing all season,” he said, “have some fun out there and just run.”

Jacobs didn’t experience the fun part until he crossed the finish line and waited for his sophomore brother, Ben, to finish seventh, helping Corunna win the Division 2 team state title.

“I’m going to walk out of here satisfied and ready for the next step,” said Jacobs, who will run at Wisconsin. “It’s really special. It’s culmination of everything that I have worked for throughout my high school career.”

It’s a culmination of 1,235 consecutive days of running.

“Yep,” Jacobs said with a smile. “Only 3.2 miles today.”

But they were a historic 3.2 miles.

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Corunna’s Noah Jacobs

Corunna’s Noah Jacobs


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