McDonald's All American Erin Boley planning for success at Notre Dame—and beyond

Erin Boley. (Photo: Courier-Journal)

Erin Boley. (Photo: Courier-Journal)

CHICAGO—McDonald’s All American Erin Boley is the Gatorade Player of the Year for her accomplishments at Elizabethtown (Ky.) High School, has maintained a 4.0 GPA, has given her time to everything from Spanish Club to an art program for at-risk kids, and is headed to Notre Dame after graduation.

With so much on her plate, it’s easy to understand why a smile creeps across her face when she talks about her color-coded, detailed planner.

“My mom says that I’m completely a type-A personality, because I have a planner and I have things written out for weeks in advance,” she says. “I love my planner.”

Her ability to juggle her time and prioritize has paid off. During her senior year, Boley averaged a double-double, scoring 24.2 points per game and grabbing 10.3 rebounds per game, and won an armful of awards, including the GPOY and the Kentucky Basketball Player of the Year for the third year in in a row.

At Notre Dame, Boley will join a team that made it to the Sweet Sixteen this season, and will be part of a recruiting class that will also include Jackie Young of Princeton, Ind., with whom she’ll share the floor with in Wednesday’s McDonald’s All American Girls Game.

True to her type-A ways, Boley has already set goals for her time at Notre Dame.

“I want to help to try to win a national championships. I aspire to play int he WNBA one day, I want to play overseas one day, and I knew when I made the decision, I thought this was the best place that would make me the best person and player that I can be,” Boley said. “I’m looking to mature all the way around while I’m there.”

Notre Dame hasn’t missed the tournament since 1993, and has won four straight conference championships across its membership with the Big East and then ACC. Under Muffet McGraw, it is a powerhouse basketball program, but it’s basketball prowess isn’t the only reason Boley chose Notre Dame.

“Every time I visited there, the whole atmosphere really fit my personality well. I really like the fact they emphasize service in the community, and I really like the fact that they emphasize faith,” Boley said. “I like the fact they emphasize different values like that. They obviously have high academics, they emphasize family and community service, all before athletics.”

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