Mens' Volleyball Club to Start at CCHS

Mens' Volleyball Club to Start at CCHS


Mens' Volleyball Club to Start at CCHS

By Gavin McDermott


By Gavin McDermott

Photo Credit: Mato Seth

Mato Seth (far left) Riley Mulkey (3rd from the right) and Coach Mulkey (far right) Photo Credit: Mato Seth

An all-male volleyball club will make its opening debut this spring at Charlotte Catholic High School. The varsity womens’ volleyball coach, Ms. Landschoot, and Dylan Mulkey, the coach of a nationally-ranked boys’ travel team at Carolina Union Volleyball club, have laid the foundation for a mens’ volleyball club at CCHS.

Senior Mato Seth and Sophomore Riley Mulkey, both players at CUVC and managers for the CCHS womens’ volleyball team, will bring their talents to the team.

Twenty students have expressed interest in the team. The coaches expect ten players to be devoted members to the team. A volleyball time must have at least six players on the court with extra to sub in.

Ms. Landschoot is working with other local schools to create organized volleyball teams that will play in a conference. Charlotte Catholic will compete against these other teams throughout the season.

The team hopes to have seven home games and seven away games, as well as a day-long season-ending tournament. The season will begin after basketball season ends, when the gym will be more available.

Mato hopes the club will soon become a legitimate sport at Catholic. He said, “Even though I, as a senior now, would not be able to play if it ended up happening in a few years, I would feel really proud to have been an integral part of the movement for boy’s volleyball to become a bigger deal at Charlotte Catholic.”

Riley Mulkey and Mato Seth have traveled to many tournaments driving to Ft. Lauderdale, Virginia Beach, and Harrisburg PA in the past couple months with their CUVC team. They hope that the CCHS mens’ club will reach the same level of success as his travel team.

For his CUVC team, Mato plays the position of libero. A libero wears a different colored shirt and plays defense the entire game. More recently, Mato says that he has also played right-side, which means he got to hit front-row. He says this is more exciting than passing and playing defense.

Mato said he will probably play setter for the CCHS club team. “The setter basically runs the offense and sets the hitters on the court,” he said.

The volleyball club is still open to prospective players. Join the volleyball club at Charlotte Catholic and have a good time!


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