Merrol Hyde Magnet boys finish fourth in state meet

Merrol Hyde Magnet boys finish fourth in state meet


Merrol Hyde Magnet boys finish fourth in state meet


NASHVILLE Merrol Hyde Magnet’s boys cross country team earned the program’s best-ever finish at the state meet on Saturday, placing fourth in the 23-team Class A-AA field at Percy Warner Park’s Steeplechase course.

The Hawks placed four runners in the top 50 finishers, with sophomore Alex Ponce finishing 15th.

Other Hawk finishers scoring points included senior Sean Meier (29th), junior Garret McGlasson (30th), senior Richard Max Wagner (49th) and senior Joshua Alexander (94th).

White House junior Jim Headrick finished 37th, while Westmoreland freshman Nathan Woodard placed 62nd.

The Lady Hawks finished 10th, led by sophomore Kaelyn Meier’s 38th-place finish.

Junior Judah Berl (76th), eighth-grader Josie Kastner (77th), sophomore Reagan Poskevich (84th) and eighth-grader Emmie Monroe (89th) also factored into the Lady Hawks’ finish.

>> Beech’s girls finished 16th in the Class AAA meet, with Station Camp placing 23rd.

Lady Bison sophomore Faith Brown was the top local finisher in 33rd place, while senior India Cooper posted Beech’s best finish (67th).

Beech’s top five finishers also included junior Lindsay Ahlmeyer (77th), senior Elaine Park (84th), sophomore Maggie Medley (113th) and sophomore Olivia Pearl (119th).

Station Camp’s point-scoring finishers included senior Amy Rickwalder (126th), freshman Alyssa Leavertonn (138th), sophomore Bella Gebhardt (142nd) and junior Sagel Anderson (152nd).

Beech sophomore David Ahlmeyer finished 49th in the boys’ race as an individual.

>> Sophomore Nick Crump posted Pope John Paul II’s best finish in the Division II-Class AA boys field, placing 50th. The Knights finished 11th as a team.

The Lady Knights finished 11th, with freshman Ella Platek posting a team-best 46th-place finish.

Class A-AA Boys

1             Georde Goodwyn, Knoxville Catholic, 16:12.94

2             Jake Renfree, Knoxville Catholic, 16:13.02

15           Alex Ponce, Merrol Hyde Magnet, 16:55.26

29           Sean Meier, Merrol Hyde Magnet, 17:36.09

30           Garret McGlasson, Merrol Hyde Magnet, 17:36.67

37           Jim Headrick, White House, 17:46.15

49           Richard Max Wagner, Merrol Hyde Magnet, 17:58.82

62           Nathan Woodard, Westmoreland, 18:15.58

94           Joshua Alexander, Merrol Hyde Magnet, 18:42.79

152        Yujun Jung, Merrol Hyde Magnet, 20:05.89

179        Brennan Phillips, Merrol Hyde Magnet 20:51.96

Class A-AA Girls

1             Rebecca Story, Christian Academy of Knoxville, 17:49.70

2             Taylor Luthringer, Signal Mountain, 19:02.60

38           Kaelyn Meier, Merrol Hyde Magnet, 21:24.30

77           Josie Kastner, Merrol Hyde Magnet, 22:43.20

84           Reagan Poskevich, Merrol Hyde Magnet, 22:56.10

89           Emmie Monroe, Merrol Hyde Magnet, 23:00.90

133        Ellen Getter, Merrol Hyde Magnet, 24:43.60

174        MerriAllen Krueger, Merrol Hyde Magnet, 28:55.40

Class AAA Boys

1             Brodey Hasty, Brentwood, 15:09.07

2             Taylor Vroon, Brentwood, 15:10.71

49           David Ahlmeyer, Beech, 17:08.02

Class AAA Girls

1             Sasha Neglia, Dobyns-Bennett, 17:32.17

2             Annika Sleenhof, Ravenwood, 17:50.40

33           Faith Brown, Station Camp, 20:12.23

67           India Cooper, Beech, 20:55.36

77           Lindsay Ahlmeyer, Beech, 21:16.86

84           Elaine Park, Beech, 21:28.36

113        Maggie Medley, Beech, 22:18.11

119        Olivia Pearl, Beech, 22:27.45

126        Amy Rickwalder, Station Camp, 22:39.69

138        Alyssa Leaverton, Station Camp, 23:00.80

142        Bella Gebhardt, Station Camp, 23:09.57

151        Autumn Howard, Beech, 23:25.76

152        Sagel Anderson, Station Camp, 23:26.75

156        Taylor Haber, Station Camp, 23:30.88

166        Sarah Freels, Beech, 24:03.20

175        Anna Turner, Station Camp, 24:53.02

Division II-Class AA Boys

1             Carter Cheeseman, Brentwood Academy, 15:54.04

2             Will Peters, Montgomery Bell Academy, 16:09.29

50           Nick Crump, Pope John Paul II, 19:04.32

58           Nolan Underhill, Pope John Paul II 20:10.11

60           Ryan Moran, Pope John Paul II, 20:16.03

62           Luke Kroeger, Pope John Paul II, 20:19.42

65           Michael Musacchio, Pope John Paul II, 20:52.41

71           Ethan Davenport, Pope John Paul II, 21:59.57

72           Brian Raybourne, Pope John Paul II, 22:02.39

Division II-Class AA Girls

1             Meredith Helton, Brentwood Academy, 18:53.98

2             Claire Cheeseman, Brentwood Academy, 19:18.85

46           Ella Platek, Pope John Paul II, 23:10.21

66           Lena McCaslin, Pope John Paul II, 26:06.14

68           Gabby Tarbuck, Pope John Paul II, 26:29.93

71           Alli Kolemba, Pope John Paul II, 27:01.26

72           Claire Campbell, Pope John Paul II, 27:35.14

73           Bridgette Groben, Pope John Paul II, 27:49.82

77           Megan McCormick, Pope John Paul II, 29:51.99

Station Camp sophomore Faith Brown (left) finished 33rd in the Class AAA state cross country meet, while Merrol Hyde Magnet sophomore Kaelyn Meier finished 38th in the Class A-AA meet.

Station Camp sophomore Faith Brown (left) finished 33rd in the Class AAA state cross country meet, while Merrol Hyde Magnet sophomore Kaelyn Meier finished 38th in the Class A-AA meet.


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