VIDEO: Minor league baseball teams engage in crazy brawl in front of 100s of kids on Camp Day

Baseball brawls are somewhere between unnecessary and absurd at the best of times, but they’re even more out of place when they are staged in front of hundreds of onlooking children. That’s precisely what happened when the Daytona Tortugas, a Cincinnati Reds Class A affiliate in the Florida State League, faced off against the Marlins-affiliated Jupiter Hammerheads on the team’s self-appointed Camp Day.

In case you were wondering, Camp Day is the day when the team hosts children at summer camps to show them a good, old-fashioned, wholesome game of baseball. In this case they added in one of the largest basebrawls you’ll ever see for good measure.

How widespread was the skirmish? As noted by Deadspin, that’s Jupiter’s manager, Randy Ready, winding up to throw a haymaker in the video screen shot above. Yes, even the coaching staffs were fully involved.

SLATER SCOOP: Exclusive; Camp Day brawl between Daytona-Jupiter from Andy Slater on Vimeo.

In fact, Ready pulled a hamstring in the brawl, proving that he was apparently not as prepared as his name indicated.

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