Mr. Kirby

Mr. Kirby


Mr. Kirby


If I were to choose a teacher who has most impacted my life on both an academic and personal level, it would be Mr. Kirby; based on the number of visits he receives from past students each day, it can be assumed this opinion is shared among many who have had the pleasure of being in his class.

A Penn State graduate, Mr. Kirby described teaching as something that was in his blood. Though he at first denied his calling, and entered college as undecided, he did eventually find his way back when he decided to follow in his parents’ footsteps and study to become an educator. When asked what most inspired his decision to pursue a career in education, Mr. Kirby expressed his genuine desire for the kids to “get it.” He said he was ultimately drawn to the career because there is no better feeling than “watching the proverbial light bulb illuminate when students really begin to understand.”

Although he currently teaches only World History classes, Kirby cited American History as being his favorite subject to teach, but really enjoys all aspects of his current course material. Kirby most enjoys educating students on the events of D-Day and the iron curtain falling on Europe, lessons which students are really quick to engage in class discussions and get excited about.

In his 18th year at CV, three as a para-professional and 15th as a history teacher, Mr. Kirby makes reference to the current construction project as being a contender as his favorite aspect of Chartiers Valley, but only briefly as “it’s nothing compared to the courteous student population.” As a football coach, and self-proclaimed member of the ‘DMC Posse,’ Mr. Kirby’s involvement in Chartiers Valley has brought him close with many of CV’s most outstanding educators over the years, creating relationships where teacher collaboration thrives.

As a young child, Mr. Kirby’s dream job was to become a truck driver so he could “see the country” but, today, he couldn’t imagine himself doing anything else, anywhere else.

And, we couldn’t either.


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Mr. Kirby
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