Q&A | Collegiate soccer player Regan Kommor

One day Regan Kommor wants to make a living talking about sports. These days, though, she still enjoys playing them.

The Louisville Collegiate senior is a three-sport athlete. Her best, and favorite, sport is soccer.

Last season the 5-foot-6 1/2 Kommor a center-midfielder, scored 38 goals and dished out 18 assists for the Amazons, who went 15-4. Kommor, who was a second-team all-state selection last year, has committed to the University of Alabama-Birmingham.

Q: How long have you been playing soccer?

A: I started when I was in kindergarten for Javanon, so I’ve been there my whole life, I’ve never switched clubs. I think I started playing because of my brother (Kennedy). He was always playing soccer, so I decided to give it a go. I’ve been playing ever since.

Q: Why UAB?

A: I went there on my first visit and I loved it. They have a great program for my major, I love the coach, I love the team when I met them. I went this past summer for camp, it was just a weekend camp, and I met the whole team and it was a really good fit. All the girls were very welcoming and I just really liked it.

Q: What do you want to major in?

A: I want to major in sports broadcasting and journalism.

Q: Why?

A: I’ve grown up with a very male-dominated family a lot of my life, so always been into sports. (I’m a) huge U of L basketball fan, football fan, professional too, so I just love sports. I like writing too, so I’ve always wanted to do that.

Q: What are your goal this season?  

A: To go to the All ‘A’ Tournament in Frankfort. I don’t know if we’ve ever gotten past the first or second game, so maybe make it to the finals of the All ‘A’ Tournament and beat KCD of course, our rival, and have a winning season.

Q: What are your other interests/hobbies?

A: I’m a huge U of L sports fan, so going to their games. I babysit, I bake, hang out with my friends.

Q: How’s the U of L football team going to do this season?

A: I hope we do well, I think we’ll do well, if Lamar Jackson does well. I’ve spent my childhood going to those games, so that’s going to be the hardest part of going to college, not (leaving) my mom, not (leaving) my brother, or anything. It’s going to be not being able to go to those games.

Q: You wear No. 5. Is there a significance to that?

A: Earl Clark, he was my favorite U of L player. I started wearing it when I was younger and have ever since. It was my club and high school number.


Q: What have been some of the highlights of career?  

A: I think it was the first time ever we scored on Assumption was my freshman year and I scored, so that was exciting. We scored twice, but we lost 5-2. My first goal was in the first half, it was from right outside the 18. And then my second goal was late in the second half, I dribbled up the sideline and kind of cut in and scored. That’s always been exciting, even though it was freshman year. And last year we won the All ‘A’ Region here, when we beat KCD, which was fun because we didn’t win it the year before. So it was good to win it again, because we won it my freshman year. So I think those are two big highlights.

Q: Who are your favorite broadcasters?

A: I love Rachel Nichols, she’s a great one. Guy wise, Colin Cowherd, I watch him every day. He’s my favorite broadcaster. Me and my brother watch him every day from 11-3. Well, I record it every day and watch it.

Q: You’re also one of the school’s mascots (she dresses up as the Amazon). What’s that like?

A: It’s just really fun because at the pep rallies all the kids are screaming. It’s fun to be the face of your school.


School: Collegiate.

Year: Senior.

Sports: Soccer, basketball, track & field.

Student-athlete: Regan, whose favorite subjects are English and Spanish, has a 3.2 GPA. She is a member of the pep and SADD clubs. She is entering her fourth year as a starter on the soccer team.

Family: Regan, 17, lives with her mother, Lori, and her older brother, Kennedy, 21, who plays soccer at Denison (Ohio) University. Her father is Maury.

Collegiate coach Thomas Travis says: She’s clearly our best player. By the time she leaves she’ll have all of our records for goals scored and assists and we pretty much just play straight through her. We kind of set up last year to use her talents the best and this year we’re playing a different formation to take advantage of all she does. Her ball control is great, her passing is good, she loves to shoot, so we try and run stuff through her.

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