Recruiting Tip: Advice from the experts

Recruiting Tip: Advice from the experts

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Recruiting Tip: Advice from the experts


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Over the last several years, we’ve had the opportunity to interview some of the best college coaches in the country.  Their advice on the recruiting process is invaluable.  Here are 3 of the best answers to common recruiting questions.

Q: What advice do you have for parents experiencing the recruiting process with their son or daughter?

A: Take a deep breath and go one step at a time. Get your athlete’s coach involved in the process. Start the conversation early with your son or daughter. When on trips, take them to different college campuses. Give them a picture of what college life is and what it should be.

Players should always follow up with every piece of communication they receive from college coaches, regardless of whether that school is on their list, or not. Every year, college coaches tell me how frustrating it is when players will not communicate with them. I think we can all relate.

-Post 22 Baseball coach Mitch Messer

Q: What would you tell a recruit if she was interested in your program and you had not yet identified her as a potential fit for your program?

A: First of all, this is very common. Student-athletes and their families should know that college coaches really appreciate hearing from a recruit that has specific interest in their program.  A high schooler expressing interest to a college coach shows tremendous initiative and desire.  We want student-athletes that want to be in our program.  We want student-athletes that want Notre Dame, as much as Notre Dame wants them!  The goal is to get the conversation going with a coach and progress to a point when that coach can see the athlete play.  The more you can do that, the better your chances are of making the right college selection.

-Notre Dame Women’s Soccer Coach Theresa Romangolo

Q: What advice would you have for a high school athlete not getting noticed or recruited?

A:  I would tell that athlete to own their recruiting experience and be accountable for what they can control.  Do what it takes to get noticed from the schools they are interested in.  Camps are an opportunity to show your football skills and your character.  They should go to camps at schools that have shown interest, and visit the schools they are interested in before their senior year.  Juniors and seniors should send film of early games and not wait until the end of the season to send highlights.  Remain positive, keep working hard and stay persistent with the process.  If you do the right things, you will find the right fit.

-North Dakota State Head Football Coach Chris Klieman


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Recruiting Tip: Advice from the experts
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