Recruiting tip: Have some respect

Recruiting tip: Have some respect

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Recruiting tip: Have some respect


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RESPECT: \ri-ˈspekt\ verb

  1. a feeling or understanding that someone or something is important, serious, etc., and should be treated in an appropriate way

As a kid, you are told to “always respect your elders”. This is great advice for all high school students and especially if you are an athlete looking to play in college. Respect is the foundation of everything that is good in sports.

If you want to be successful in athletics and a player that a college coach will be interested in, you have to respect your parents, your coach, your teammates and the game. You may not agree with the punishment your parents deem necessary or the playing time decisions made by your coach, but you have to respect their authority. To me, respecting the game means maintaining your values as you play to win.

It’s easy for a college coach to identify players that don’t respect their parents, their coach, their teammates and/or their sport. If you don’t respect any one of these, then don’t expect a scholarship. At the end of the day, showing respect to all of the above shows that you respect yourself.


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