Recruiting tip: Questions to expect from a college coach

Recruiting tip: Questions to expect from a college coach

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Recruiting tip: Questions to expect from a college coach


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Having a conversation with a college coach can be intimidating. You really need to be prepared. Here are a few common questions you can expect to hear from a college coach and some suggestions on how to answer:

  • What are your strengths as a player? This is no time to be modest. Be humble, but confident about your abilities.
  • What are your weaknesses as a player? Be honest, but keep it brief and don’t sell yourself short. Let them know you are working on all parts of your game.
  • What sets you apart from other recruits/players? The answer to this question is different for every athlete, but if you have a strong answer it can go a long way toward earning a college scholarship. Some qualities you could highlight in answering this question might be leadership, work ethic, academic achievements, coachability, mental toughness, and sportsmanship.
  • What would make you a good fit for my school? Make sure you’ve done your homework about their college. Talk about the strength of their academics and mention anything you know about their program.
  • Do you think you are capable of playing at our level? Absolutely you are, or you wouldn’t be calling. Explain how you can be an asset to their team.

When you are talking with a college coach, RELAX! Be yourself. Sit up straight. Look them in the eye. Don’t be afraid to answer their questions. They want to get to know you.


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