Saturday's WNC wrestling box scores

Saturday's WNC wrestling box scores


Saturday's WNC wrestling box scores


North Henderson's wrestling team won Saturday's Rams Duals tournament at Roberson.

North Henderson’s wrestling team won Saturday’s Rams Duals tournament at Roberson.

Coaches, please report your scores by calling (828) 232-5863. Box scores may also be e-mailed to

Brevard 47, Reynolds 22

106: Jacob Fulp (BREV) over (ACR) (For.) 113: Tyler Creech (BREV) over (ACR) (For.) 120: Cole Galloway (BREV) over (ACR) (For.) 126: Sam Mosby (ACR) over Chad Johnson (BREV) (MD 20-7) 132: Raymond Montandon (BREV) over Ryan Hobart (ACR) (Dec 20-13) 138: Nick Bumgarner (BREV) over Zachary Karaken (ACR) (Fall 0:28) 145: Daniel McJunkin (BREV) over Griffin Thomas (ACR) (Fall 3:41) 152: Luke Ellenberger (BREV) over Caleb Field (ACR) (Dec 9-2) 160: Eric Stewart (BREV) over Kristian Miller (ACR) (Fall 0:24) 170: Gabriel Alegrias (ACR) over Jackson Owen (BREV) (Inj. [time]) 182: Stephen Andrews (ACR) over (BREV) (For.) 195: Double Forfeit 220: Tanner Ellenberger (BREV) over John Roberts (ACR) (Fall 0:45) 285: Taylor Buckner (ACR) over (BREV) (For.) (BREV Reporting to mat unprepared -1.00)

North Henderson 52, North Buncombe 24

106: Josh Blatt (NOHE) over Ethan Chandler (NOBU) (Fall 0:22) 113: Morgan King (NOHE) over Corbin Sluder (NOBU) (Fall 0:24) 120: Jonathan Dalton (NOHE) over Jaxon Banks (NOBU) (Fall 0:28) 126: Josh Feliz (NOHE) over Nick Evans (NOBU) (Fall 0:13) 132: Aydan Arroyo (NOBU) over Josve Olvera-Santos (NOHE) (Fall 0:19) 138: Logan Anderson (NOBU) over Leo Ramirez (NOHE) (Dec 7-3) 145: Dmitriy Simonovich (NOBU) over Pete Willingham (NOHE) (Fall 1:26) 152: Paul Searcy (NOHE) over Nick Lisenbee (NOBU) (Fall 2:16) 160: Nathan King (NOHE) over Igor Simonovich (NOBU) (MD 9-0) 170: Dakoata Banks (NOBU) over Axel Ortiz (NOHE) (Fall 1:46) 182: Daniel Dowling (NOHE) over Tanner Ramsey (NOBU) (Fall 1:03) 195: Peter Simonovich (NOBU) over Brandon Johnson (NOHE) (Dec 12-5) 220: Celedonio Cardenas (NOHE) over Jacob Villemagne (NOBU) (Fall 2:09) 285: Damian Murphy (NOHE) over Jonathan Vazquez (NOBU) (Fall 1:46)

Roberson 48, Brevard 30

220: Tanner Ellenberger (BREV) over Christian Zafzeson (TCR) (Fall 0:20) 285: Brodie Sanford (TCR) over (BREV) (For.) 106: Hugh Himan (TCR) over Jacob Fulp (BREV) (Fall 0:26) 113: Kylan Gilliand (TCR) over Tyler Creech (BREV) (Fall 0:59) 120: Cole Galloway (BREV) over Ben Fagan (TCR) (Fall 0:21) 126: Chad Johnson (BREV) over Kreed Endaya (TCR) (Fall 1:13) 132: Raymond Montandon (BREV) over Aaron Wallace (TCR) (Fall 0:33) 138: Oliver Lierz (TCR) over Nick Bumgarner (BREV) (Fall 0:45) 145: Skyler Rusnak (TCR) over Keenan Hawkins (BREV) (Fall 4:44) 152: Robert Balcom (TCR) over Talyn Clark (BREV) (Fall 0:35) 160: Mitchell Johnson (BREV) over Dakota Parker (TCR) (Fall 1:57) 170: Travis Miles (TCR) over Jackson Owen (BREV) (Fall 0:56) 182: Double Forfeit 195: Greg Johnston (TCR) over (BREV) (For.)

Brevard 45, Hendersonville 30

182: Shawn Pearce (HEND) over (BREV) (For.) 195: Tanner Ellenberger (BREV) over Korbit Collins (HEND) (Fall 1:13) 220: Bryce Naylor (HEND) over (BREV) (For.) 285: Double Forfeit 106: Jacob Fulp (BREV) over (HEND) (For.) 113: Tyler Creech (BREV) over (HEND) (For.) 120: Cole Galloway (BREV) over Ram Ramirez (HEND) (Fall 2:43) 126: Chad Johnson (BREV) over Owen King (HEND) (Fall 0:39) 132: Raymond Montandon (BREV) over Franklin Blackwell (HEND) (Dec 11-7) 138: Matthew Digeronimo (HEND) over Nick Bumgarner (BREV) (Fall 0:19) 145: Daniel McJunkin (BREV) over Ram Ramirez (HEND) (Fall 0:26) 152: Luke Ellenberger (BREV) over Sam Brown (HEND) (Fall 2:54) 160: Daniel Pearce (HEND) over Mitchell Johnson (BREV) (Fall 3:48) 170: Luke Warkins (HEND) over (BREV) (For.)

Erwin 51, Brevard 21

170: Anthony Johnson (CAE) over Jackson Owen (BREV) (Fall 0:32) 182: Hunter Sharpe (CAE) over (BREV) (For.) 195: Tanner Ellenberger (BREV) over Ty Reeves (CAE) (Fall 3:35) 220: Double Forfeit 285: Ethan Lunsford (CAE) over (BREV) (For.) 106: Holden Cotzin (CAE) over Jacob Fulp (BREV) (Fall 0:55) 113: Maurio Salas (CAE) over Tyler Creech (BREV) (Fall 0:40) 120: Cole Galloway (BREV) over Ion Cojocari (CAE) (Dec 7-5) 126: Justin Payne (CAE) over Chad Johnson (BREV) (Fall 0:52) 132: Raymond Montandon (BREV) over Littleton Caleb (CAE) (Fall 3:25) 138: Nick Bumgarner (BREV) over Danny Funes (CAE) (Inj. [time]) 145: Zachary Wilson (CAE) over Keenan Hawkins (BREV) (Fall 1:13) 152: Graham Carter (CAE) over Daniel McJunkin (BREV) (Dec 9-6) 160: Ethan Rogers (CAE) over Eric Stewart (BREV) (Fall 4:40)

North Henderson 64, Reynolds 18

106: Josh Blatt (NOHE) over (ACR) (For.) 113: Morgan King (NOHE) over (ACR) (For.) 120: Jonathan Dalton (NOHE) over (ACR) (For.) 126: Sam Mosby (ACR) over Jose Rodriguez (NOHE) (Fall 5:54) 132: Josh Feliz (NOHE) over Ryan Hobart (ACR) (Fall 0:00) 138: Leo Ramirez (NOHE) over Zachary Karaken (ACR) (Fall 1:30) 145: Griffin Thomas (ACR) over Jose Sanchez (NOHE) (Fall 3:25) 152: Paul Searcy (NOHE) over Caleb Field (ACR) (MD 14-4) 160: Nathan King (NOHE) over Kristian Miller (ACR) (Fall 0:54) 170: Christian Robles (NOHE) over Gabriel Alegrias (ACR) (Def.) 182: Daniel Dowling (NOHE) over Stephen Andrews (ACR) (Fall 0:32) 195: Brandon Johnson (NOHE) over (ACR) (For.) 220: Tyler Austin (NOHE) over John Tatham (ACR) (Fall 2:59) 285: Taylor Buckner (ACR) over Damian Murphy (NOHE) (Fall 1:59)

North Henderson 40, Rosman 25

160: Nathan King (NOHE) over Matthew Owens (ROSM) (Fall 0:00) 170: Russell `Cody` Swangim (ROSM) over Christian Robles (NOHE) (Dec 7-1) 182: Daniel Dowling (NOHE) over Adrian Villagomez (ROSM) (TF 15-0 0:00) 195: Manuel Suarez (ROSM) over Brandon Johnson (NOHE) (Dec 3-2) 220: Celedonio Cardenas (NOHE) over Landon Shipman (ROSM) (Fall 3:15) 285: Andreas Villagomez (ROSM) over Damian Murphy (NOHE) (Dec 6-2) 106: Josh Blatt (NOHE) over (ROSM) (For.) 113: Morgan King (NOHE) over Shaylan Fisher (ROSM) (Fall 1:41) 120: Tristan Praytor (ROSM) over Jonathan Dalton (NOHE) (Dec 4-0) 126: Josh Feliz (NOHE) over Marcus Stamey (ROSM) (Fall 3:43) 132: Jacob Meyers (ROSM) over Jed Willingham (NOHE) (Dec 5-0) 138: Ethan Orr (ROSM) over Pete Willingham (NOHE) (MD 10-0) 145: Paul Searcy (NOHE) over Kameron Vaughan (ROSM) (TF 15-0 0:00) 152: Tanner Whitman (ROSM) over (NOHE) (For.)

Mitchell 56, Union County 18

285: Todd Self (MITC) over Weston Foster (UNCO) (Fall 0:48) 106: Zac Valentine (UNCO) over Coltin Marlowe (MITC) (Fall 0:57) 113: LJ Thompson (UNCO) over Malachi Staton (MITC) (Fall 0:51) 120: Zy Stewart (UNCO) over Israel Maltba (MITC) (Dec 6-2) 126: Josh Forbes (MITC) over Druquan Burkins (UNCO) (Fall 1:23) 132: Peyton  Greene (MITC) over Ricky Belue (UNCO) (MD 12-3) 138: Josh McGee (MITC) over Jordan Kershaw (UNCO) (Fall 1:45) 145: Dontaye Brandon (UNCO) over Chris Hill (MITC) (Dec 5-0) 152: Solomon Duncan (MITC) over Cole  Seymore (UNCO) (MD 13-4) 160: Dalton Beaver (MITC) over Alijajuan Rice (UNCO) (Fall 0:55) 170: Devlin White (MITC) over Zack williford (UNCO) (Fall 5:24) 182: Josh Huggins (MITC) over Robery Gregory (UNCO) (Fall 1:15) 195: Trevor Self (MITC) over Grayson Lancaster (UNCO) (Fall 1:45) 220: Will Atkins (MITC) over Nathaniel Lindsay (UNCO) (Fall 0:23)

North Henderson 45, Charlotte Latin 29

106: Josh Blatt (NOHE) over McClelland Micheal (CHLA) (Dec 4-1) 113: Morgan King (NOHE) over Ryan Schellpfeffer (CHLA) (Fall 1:51) 120: Jonathan Dalton (NOHE) over Sam Turner (CHLA) (Fall 1:15) 126: Mikey Feld (CHLA) over Zachary  Mccormack (NOHE) (Dec 9-7) 132: Josh Feliz (NOHE) over Kase Mermans (CHLA) (Fall 1:07) 138: Foard Naumann (CHLA) over Leo Ramirez (NOHE) (Fall 1:58) 145: Pete Willingham (NOHE) over Matthew Jordan (CHLA) (Fall 1:51) 152: Paul Searcy (NOHE) over Grant Balogh (CHLA) (Fall 1:00) 160: Ryan Ensor (CHLA) over Nathan King (NOHE) (Dec 9-3) 170: Tyler Henry (CHLA) over Christian Robles (NOHE) (TF 17-2 0:00) 182: Will Borin (CHLA) over Daniel Dowling (NOHE) (Fall 2:29) 195: Brandon Johnson (NOHE) over Adam Riescher (CHLA) (Fall 0:28) 220: Celedonio Cardenas (NOHE) over Jacob Sossamon (CHLA) (Fall 3:09) 285: Harrison Karp (CHLA) over Damian  Murphy (NOHE) (Fall 0:00)

North Henderson 59, Westside 10

106: Josh Blatt (NOHE) over Ronnie Johnson (WEST) (Fall 2:45) 113: Morgan King (NOHE) over Owen Pickens (WEST) (Fall 0:13) 120: Jonathan Dalton (NOHE) over Josh Ellis (WEST) (Dec 10-9) 126: Josh Feliz (NOHE) over Marvin Hankston (WEST) (TF 16-0 0:00) 132: Knowledje Davis (WEST) over Jed Willingham (NOHE) (Dec 1-0) 138: Pete Willingham (NOHE) over Chris Laney (WEST) (Dec 5-2) 145: Leo Ramirez (NOHE) over Dillon Crain (WEST) (Fall 2:44) 152: Paul Searcy (NOHE) over Abdul Blue (WEST) (Fall 2:57) 160: Nathan King (NOHE) over Luke Sharpe (WEST) (Fall 0:51) 170: Devonte Gambrell (WEST) over Axel Ortiz (NOHE) (SV-1 7-2) 182: Hunter Alewine (WEST) over Daniel Dowling (NOHE) (MD 18-6) 195: Brandon Johnson (NOHE) over Jacob Brookshire (WEST) (Fall 0:13) 220: Celedonio Cardenas (NOHE) over Daniel Howard (WEST) (Fall 1:17) 285: Damian  Murphy (NOHE) over Maximillion Penaloza (WEST) (Fall 1:23)

Charlotte Latin School 54, Brevard 30

195: Tanner Ellenberger (BREV) over Adam Riescher (CLS) (Fall 0:00) 220: Jacob Sossamon (CLS) over   (BREV) (For.) 285: Harrison Karp (CLS) over   (BREV) (For.) 106: Ben Okel (CLS) over Jacob Fulp (BREV) (Fall 1:18) 113: Ryan Schellpfeffer (CLS) over Tyler Creech (BREV) (Fall 0:54) 120: Cole Galloway (BREV) over Sam Turner (CLS) (Fall 0:20) 126: Cameron  Fletcher (CLS) over Chad Johnson (BREV) (DQ) 132: Raymond Montandon (BREV) over Kase Mermans (CLS) (Fall 1:46) 138: Foard Naumann (CLS) over Nick Bumgarner (BREV) (Fall 2:18) 145: Daniel McJunkin (BREV) over Matthew Jordan (CLS) (Fall 0:43) 152: Talyn Clark (BREV) over Grant Balogh (CLS) (Fall 2:39) 160: Ryan Ensor (CLS) over Eric Stewart (BREV) (Fall 0:17) 170: Tyler Henry (CLS) over Jackson Owen (BREV) (Fall 0:51) 182: Will Borin (CLS) over   (BREV) (For.)

Mitchell 66, Irmo 11

160: Stephen  Rinehart (IRMO) over Dalton Beaver (MITC) (Dec 4-3) 170: Devlin White (MITC) over   (IRMO) (For.) 182: Josh Huggins (MITC) over   (IRMO) (For.) 195: Trevor Self (MITC) over   (IRMO) (For.) 220: Will Atkins (MITC) over Shamar Young (IRMO) (Fall 1:09) 285: Todd Self (MITC) over   (IRMO) (For.) 106: Coltin Marlowe (MITC) over   (IRMO) (For.) 113: Malachi Staton (MITC) over   (IRMO) (For.) 120: Jordan Reeder (IRMO) over Israel Maltba (MITC) (TF 18-1 0:00) 126: Josh Forbes (MITC) over   (IRMO) (For.) 132: Peyton  Greene (MITC) over Zach Stroupe (IRMO) (Fall 0:57) 138: Marcus Johnson (IRMO) over Josh McGee (MITC) (Dec 2-0) 145: Chris Hill (MITC) over   (IRMO) (Fall 3:37) 152: Solomon Duncan (MITC) over Jalen Carr (IRMO) (Fall 1:50)

Enka 42, Mooresville 30

195: Mitch Jacobs (MOSE) over Trey Wilson (ENKA) (Fall 4:58) 220: Alex Teeter (MOSE) over (ENKA) (For.) 285: Hunter Kinser (ENKA) over Tyree Westmoreland (MOSE) (Fall 1:33) 106: Melvin Rubio (ENKA) over Nathan Reid (MOSE) (Fall 2:18) 113: Chance Cryderman (ENKA) over Aaron Sutton (MOSE) (Fall 1:17) 120: Phil Daub (ENKA) over Isaac Byers (MOSE) (Fall 2:42) 126: JR Banks (ENKA) over Silas Shaw (MOSE) (Dec 10-7) 132: Seth Sicina (ENKA) over Noah Shaw (MOSE) (Fall 4:52) 138: Michael Goins (MOSE) over Chandler Winebarger (ENKA) (Dec 6-2) 145: Tucker Key (MOSE) over Michael Cantrell (ENKA) (Dec 5-2) 152: Trevor Rocklein (MOSE) over Michael Cadenhead (ENKA) (Fall 2:45) 160: Chance Hannah (ENKA) over Joey Haracopos (MOSE) (Fall 3:28) 170: Tanner Revis (ENKA) over Jorge Quintero (MOSE) (Dec 7-6) 182: Juan Willis (MOSE) over (ENKA) (For.)

Enka 54, Southwest Onslow 28

106: Matthew Barrett (ENKA) over (SOON) (For.) 113: Chance Cryderman (ENKA) over Paul Keith (SOON) (Fall 0:09) 120: Phil Daub (ENKA) over Erik Hrudka (SOON) (Fall 1:01) 126: JR Banks (ENKA) over Jahbreeze Medina Mack (SOON) (Fall 2:57) 138: Darious Whitfield (SOON) over Chandler Winebarger (ENKA) (Fall 1:09) 138: Chandler Winebarger (ENKA) over Darious Whitfield (SOON) (Fall 5:13) 145: Joshua Soliz (SOON) over Walker Brown (ENKA) (MD 10-2) 152: William Raynor III (SOON) over John Kent (ENKA) (Fall 6:39) 160: Michael Cadenhead (ENKA) over CJ King (SOON) (Fall 1:28) 170: Tanner Revis (ENKA) over (SOON) (For.) 182: Keoni Samuel (SOON) over Zack Howard (ENKA) (Fall 0:47) 195: Marvin Whigfall (SOON) over (ENKA) (For.) 220: Hunter Kinser (ENKA) over (SOON) (For.) 285: Noah Johnson (ENKA) over (SOON) (For.)

Enka 60, Sun Valley 15

170: Elijah Last (SUVA) over Peyton Whitt (ENKA) (Fall 0:37) 182: Zack Howard (ENKA) over (SUVA) (For.) 195: Joel Kanagy (SUVA) over Trey Wilson (ENKA) (Dec 3-2) 220: Hunter Kinser (ENKA) over Austin Deaton (SUVA) (Fall 0:18) 285: Steven Tousa (SUVA) over Noah Johnson (ENKA) (Fall 1:22) 106: Melvin Rubio (ENKA) over Ryan Tezzi (SUVA) (Fall 2:44) 113: Chance Cryderman (ENKA) over Jody Tarlton (SUVA) (Fall 0:43) 120: Phil Daub (ENKA) over Nate Moore (SUVA) (Fall 2:43) 126: JR Banks (ENKA) over Nick Bartolomeo (SUVA) (Fall 1:17) 132: Seth Sicina (ENKA) over Hunter Brown (SUVA) (Fall 4:00) 138: Chandler Winebarger (ENKA) over Ryan Eustace (SUVA) (Dec 7-1) 145: Michael Cantrell (ENKA) over Garrett Dickerson (SUVA) (Fall 1:14) 152: Walker Brown (ENKA) over Sage McAlister (SUVA) (Dec 7-2) 160: Michael Cadenhead (ENKA) over Jack Wilton (SUVA) (Fall 2:26)

Enka 38, Swansboro 25

285: Hunter Kinser (ENKA) over Zach Jones (SWAN) (Dec 3-0) 106: Nick Butler (SWAN) over Melvin Rubio (ENKA) (SV-1 6-5) 113: Kasey Hill (SWAN) over Chance Cryderman (ENKA) (Dec 7-0) 120: Phil Daub (ENKA) over Steve Dennison (SWAN) (Fall 0:37) 126: JR Banks (ENKA) over Jakob Burkett (SWAN) (Fall 0:23) 132: Seth Sicina (ENKA) over Nick Lee (SWAN) (TF 18-1 2:21) 138: Dustin Childs (SWAN) over Chandler Winebarger (ENKA) (Dec 13-6) 145: Michael Cantrell (ENKA) over Aidan Meadows (SWAN) (Fall 0:36) 152: Harvey Esser (SWAN) over Walker Brown (ENKA) (MD 12-4) 160: Michael Cadenhead (ENKA) over Logan Aloof (SWAN) (Dec 10-3) 170: Chance Hannah (ENKA) over Steven Richards (SWAN) (Dec 4-0) 182: Patrick Peterson (SWAN) over Zack Howard (ENKA) (Fall 0:22) 195: Trey Wilson (ENKA) over (SWAN) (For.) 220: Andre Hill (SWAN) over (ENKA) (For.)

Friday’s score

Tuscola 43, Franklin 27

126: Dillion Price (FRAN) over (TUSC) (For.) 132: James Gibson (TUSC) over Caleb Shields (FRAN) (Fall 1:05) 138: Hunter Trull (TUSC) over Jacob Holland (FRAN) (Dec 8-5) 145: Ben Brooks (TUSC) over (FRAN) (For.) 152: Patrick Coulter (TUSC) over (FRAN) (For.) 160: Jack Logan (TUSC) over Matthew Breeden (FRAN) (MD 11-3) 170: Nick Ewart (FRAN) over Dylan Shuler (TUSC) (Fall 4:48) 182: Garrett Sanders (FRAN) over Sam Ross (TUSC) (Dec 5-3) 195: Logan Talent (FRAN) over (TUSC) (For.) 220: Double Forfeit 285: Seth Ledford (FRAN) over (TUSC) (For.) 106: Emerson Yazan (TUSC) over (FRAN) (For.) 113: Seth Rogers (TUSC) over (FRAN) (For.) 120: Breyden Satterfield (TUSC) over (FRAN) (For.)

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Saturday's WNC wrestling box scores
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