Scholar leads by example

Scholar leads by example


Scholar leads by example

By: Akil Brown


By: Akil Brown

Whether it’s in the classroom or outside the classroom she always is a leader. She can be loud with her friends but she knows how to control herself in class. She’s tall and always has nice hairstyles. She takes initiative and is a hard worker but she is also a funny person who is full of personality. Her name is Tarnara Francis.

Francis is 15-years-old and was born in D.C. Francis is a 10th grader here at Chavez. This is her second year.

“I’d say my nephews inspire me because I gotta do what I gotta do so I can get back on track because they look up to me.”

Francis has to be a role model for her nephews because they follow her and whatever she does. She hasn’t always been a role model but she has gone through a lot of changes in her life to get where she is now.

“[My life] is interesting,” Francis said. “I’ve gone through a lot of changes.”

These changes have allowed her to become the good role model that she is.

“I wanna be a talk show host and go to college … I just wanna be a talk show host and talk on TV in front of everybody.”

Francis wants to be successful and she believes her great personality is the key to her success as a talk show host. Francis has her own unique and different personality but owes some of it to her friends.

“They have made me more social with everybody so I’m more outspoken.”

Francis has many good friends who help her a lot in life and make her more outgoing.

“I like talking and going out with my friends.”

Francis said that she doesn’t let these things get in the way of school.

“The hardest thing about 10th grade is staying out of trouble because there is a lot of gossip and drama.”

Francis said she stays away from this and keeps a positive attitude. She shows up to school with the same attitude, and does so for one main reason:

“My mother, I have no choice.”

Francis’s mom always pushes her to get her education and even though she already seeks it, she really has no choice.

“[My story] would be titled “Tarnara is Poppin’” because I’m poppin’ and I’m different from everybody else.”

Tarnara’s glowing personality is truly what makes her poppin’.


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