Seniors take on their last challenge

Seniors take on their last challenge


Seniors take on their last challenge

By: Miracle Bowlding


By: Miracle Bowlding

Race to the Finish Line

A quiet room full of hard-working scholars. Some are stressing, some are ready. They work diligently and studiously, trying to get the most difficult assignment of the senior year done in preparation for the big reveal: Senior Thesis Presentations.

In order to graduate from Chavez, students must pass their senior Thesis course. Thesis class is a research class that is obligatory: a fifteen page paper followed by a power point presentation on your own topic.

Many of the seniors at Capitol Hill stated that the course is really challenging.

Photo Attributed to Mr. Bush-Joseph

Photo Attributed to Mr. Bush-Joseph. Senior Daquan Rios presents his Thesis to a panel of judges.

“Thesis is so challenging because throughout the four years we were not prepared properly for it,” senior Natajia Smith said.

The seniors during the previous years at Chavez have not had any experience with a 15-page paper. Some seniors said they are not prepared because they are not used to lengthy papers.

A few teachers along with counselors at Capitol Hill help the senior class with Thesis.

“Ms. Payne and Ms.Garner went through my slides and told me what I needed to work on and they told me to research more,” Smith said.

 To the seniors it doesn’t feel like enough.

“I do not feel confident, I feel like there are only a few people supporting the senior class,” Smith said. “I also feel as though that there is no motivation,” Smith said.

Finally, the End

Presentations occurred on Monday, May 16 and Tuesday, May 17. All seniors were prepared to present to the judges. Cheers, tears and hugs were shared throughout the hallways of Chavez.

“It’s a huge weight off my shoulders now that it’s done,” senior Janeal Marshall said.

Now that all of the seniors are finished with Thesis, students are excited for Prom and graduation. Graduation will be held at 3:00 p.m. on Monday, June 6 at the University of the District of Columbia.

“I’m just ready to go and move on with my life,” senior Leroy Ellis says.                                                                                    

Before Graduation occurs, the top scoring Thesis presentations will be showcased at the annual Chavez Schools Thesis Symposium. Come watch Nicholas Villarroel and Brenda Guevara-Ortiz present their Thesis Presentations at Georgetown University on Wednesday, June 1 at 4:00 p.m.


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