Student Interviews: Nick Kletzli

Student Interviews: Nick Kletzli


Student Interviews: Nick Kletzli


This week’s student interview will be from one of the quietest kids in Chartiers Valley High School.  Junior Nick Kletzli is the number one person to receive the sweetest student award next year for his senior year.  Being the youngest of three kids, Nick has to show how much potential he has.

I was able to sit down with young Kletzli and ask him a few questions.  “How has your junior year been so far?”

Kletzli answered, “Chill fam.  Just kidding.  I don’t know but I heard many times that this was gonna be my hardest year.  Honestly, it has been easy-rolling for the most part.  There have been times where my work was challenging, but I was able to push past it.  This was the first year that I performed in the high school musical.  In the previous years I only helped out on the stage crew.  But actually being in the musical was truly a different experience.  Seeing all of the viewers changed my perspective on the musical theater.”  Kletzli played the role of the Map Boy (as referred to by the other actors) in the school’s production of Les Miserables

What are your plans for the summer?

“My plan is to finally get my license after over a year of waiting.  My family and I are planning to take a trip to Gettysburg for some sightseeing and more learning opportunities.  I am going to participate in summer sports including basketball and baseball.  I’m hoping for a fun summer,” Kletzli is very excited to get out of school along with many other students.

Nick Kletzli may be one the most underrated students in Chartiers Valley.  Being outspoken, Kletzli struggles to voice his opinion.  But young Kletzli is a good role model for all underclassmen.





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