Students ready to put on a killer show

Students ready to put on a killer show


Students ready to put on a killer show


this is the right pic for student runShaler Area is set to put on the first student run production since 2013 on April 22 and 23 at 7 p.m. in the auditorium. The play is a comedy titled “We’ll Be Right Back After This Murder”

The play is a two-act, murder mystery that showcases an abnormal family in which the grandfather, Hampton Bellamy is shot, stabbed, electrocuted, clubbed and ran over by a large truck. The entire play is focused around Bellamy’s murder and the overarching question of whodunit? is prevalent throughout.

However, according to the directors, the true murderer could create an interesting element of surprise.

“The entire play is the investigation of his murder… More people die throughout and the end is shocking,” senior director Natalee Junker said.

Seniors Natalee Junker and Tori Lorenz seized the opportunity to direct the production.

With the help of the Theatre Arts Parents of Shaler (TAPS), Junker and Lorenz were able to make a simple idea into reality. After “A Christmas Carol” wrapped back in November, Junker and Lorenz started the process for this student-run performance.

“Reading the description, I laughed,” Junker said. “It just sounded ridiculous. It’s funny because they’re a dysfunctional family and that’s exactly what the theatre kids are. We don’t act anything like these characters off stage, but their craziness is something we can all relate to. Also, the talent we have fits these characters perfectly.”

For both Junker and Lorenz, being the directors is very different from being a cast member.

“From being in so many shows, I only see the student’s perspective,” Lorenz said. “To be sitting in the director’s chair is pretty neat. Having control over a show and having the opportunity to make it any way that you want is fun. Casting, figuring out rehearsals, planning, everything is a lot of work, but it’s going to be something you won’t want to miss.”.

The cast consists of twenty characters, with no one part being more important than another. All that is different is the amount of talking the character does.

“There are definitely bigger characters than others, but the bigger characters aren’t the most important; they just talk a lot,” Junker said. “Captain Bogie Graham is a slightly larger character because he has more lines but mostly everyone is on stage the whole time, unless they die.”

As with most productions, additional challenges are created for the directors to face. Both Junker and Lorenz they are dealing with issues that revolve around scheduling rehearsal times.

The cast will only have 15-16 definite rehearsals before opening night to fully prepare for the show. Every cast member is going on the music department trip to Nashville in April, creating an additional challenge for the first-time directors.

“Whatever the audience sees on the stage was done in a small number of practices,” Junker said. “It’s going to call for some long nights, but we’re prepared for it.”

Both Junker and Lorenz have had to fill in the role of directors in every extent, which means they have to control their fellow peers during rehearsals.

Junker said the level of professionalism each cast member exhibits makes being in charge seamless.

“It can be hard to get [the cast] to listen only because we don’t want to be the bad guys telling everyone what to do,” Junker said. “For the most part, everyone is very professional.”

Lorenz also said there will be opportunities for other students to get involved such as singing in the lobby, running different booths, introducing the show and more to help promote the Theatre department.

Tickets will be on sale soon in the Activities Office for $5.00 but can also be purchased at the door before each performance.


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