Technology is exacting a toll on kids of today

Technology is exacting a toll on kids of today


Technology is exacting a toll on kids of today


It’s quite sad to look around at any public place and all you can see is an overload of electronic devices. What’s even worse? Younger children are being given these devices now. It’s safe to say that the younger generations are at the point of no return when it comes to technology.

Technology is a good thing, yes. But, technology, much like everything else in the world, has its flaws. It’s a sad moment when some people can say with complete confidence that technology has ruined them or made them socially incompetent. My fear is that this statement is going to become a social norm for younger kids.

What happened? Parents look to their devices as method of keeping their child busy. With the endless supply of apps that can be downloaded faster than people can snap their fingers, it’s almost impossible to find something that won’t entertain your child.

Also, the media constantly emphasizes the use of technology. It isn’t ‘cool’ if you don’t have the new and up and coming technology. It feels like you have to buy the latest iPhone so that you will be able to compete at the same standards as someone else.

On top of that schools are becoming more technologically advanced which is causing exposure to electronics at a very young age for most children. Not only is the addition of technology killing social skills, it is making it very hard to become unattached and children have a very hard time functioning without some kind of electronic device.

Even in our school there is a clear disconnect between the generational differences. With the arrival of the iPads, this disconnect has become more prevalent. The majority of the upperclassmen deem these devices as unnecessary and useless whereas the underclassmen praise the electronics and would not give them up if given the opportunity.

Growing up, I do remember the gradual increase of technology but it seems as if in the past ten years, the boom has increased exponentially. Along with that, I also remember when I got my first cell phone and the reason why. The reason was not to entertain myself, it was for emergency purposes. Nowadays, children are getting expensive smartphones just for the “fun of it,” That is not okay.

It’s no surprise that the world is becoming more technologically advanced, but the problem is the generations below us are going to develop some kind of technology dependency if they haven’t already and something about that is just wrong.

It’s hard to judge who’s at fault. Is it the parents? Are they just trying to enjoy their life without all the responsibilities that come along with having children? Or is it that technology has been praised by the media so much in the past couple of years that seeing a 4-year-old play on an iPad has become this generational social norm? My guess would be the latter.

Some will argue that technology doesn’t hurt, it only helps. On the opposite side, some will argue that technology hurts and doesn’t help whatsoever. It seems like the older generations tend to argue the negative sides of technology.

The fact in the matter is if you choose to ignore these advancements, you will be left behind. But are those advancements worth the price of slowly eroding social skills and borderline addiction to devices?

An editorial in the New York Times titled, “The Kids Are Not All Right” says, “(As I watch kids who) are a million miles away, absorbed by the titillating roil of online social life, the addictive pull of video games and virtual worlds, as they stare endlessly at video clips and digital pictures of themselves and their friends, it feels like something is wrong.”


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