Ted Cruz Embarrasses Trump on Debate Stage

Ted Cruz Embarrasses Trump on Debate Stage


Ted Cruz Embarrasses Trump on Debate Stage


While the 2016 presidential campaign is heating up on both sides, an interesting moment transformed last night at the first presidential debate of the 2016 calendar year. On the Republican side, the top two front-runners United States Senator Ted Cruz and Businessman Donald Trump battled it off on the issue of birthright citizenship, in which Trump accused Cruz of being constitutionally ineligible of running for President because Cruz was born in Canada. Even thought it has been proven that Cruz can run because his Mom was a US citizen, it heated up in the debate when Cruz and Trump shared heated exchanges of accusations and lies.

Jordan Mokricky, who was watching the debate, said “Wow, I didn’t know someone could actually stand up to the Trumpster and call him out on being wrong; kudos to Cruz.”

Mark Kelly said “I may not agree with Ted Cruz on everything, but he definitely raised some eyebrows on calling out Trump for being wrong on an important issue-I really think Trump’s chances at attaining the nomination just got severely rocked.”

Stanislav Davyda said “I don’t care what they say, Trump is still the man, the myth, the legend.”

Overall, the analysts and polls say Trump had a great night, as he did not “fumble the ball” as said by one Fox News analyst. However, as the election cycle continues, as we inch closer to the first caucus and primary, candidates have to be sharp and stand out, and with Cruz knocking on Trump’s doorstep, it should make Trump very nervous.


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Ted Cruz Embarrasses Trump on Debate Stage
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