The Damon Harge Jr. Blog: State title dreams, recruiting, Future and honors classes

The Damon Harge Jr. Blog: State title dreams, recruiting, Future and honors classes

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The Damon Harge Jr. Blog: State title dreams, recruiting, Future and honors classes


Damon Harge Jr. is one of the most well-known high school basketball players on YouTube and it’s been that way since he was 11. Harge, one of the top point guards in the 2018 class, helped Orlando Christian Prep (Orlando, Fla.) win a state title as an eighth grader and holds offers from high major schools. Now he’s agreed to give USA TODAY HSS exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from his recruitment to his everyday life in a blog.

Damon Harge

What’s up world!

This is Damon Harge back with another blog; I just want to keep you guys posted on what’s been going on with me lately.

So first let me tell you guys about the season; we ended up coming in first in our district. We’ve had a lot of injuries with our bigs so it’s left us a little undermanned, but we’re managing pretty well.

I feel like we’ve got a real shot to win states! We just have to bring it every night.

Right now I’m averaging 18 points and five assists. I’ve just been trying to step it up and lead the team the best I can. I just try to keep us more focused before games and try to get the best out of my teammates.

I’m not the loud leader that does a lot of talking; I’ve always been a quieter player, but this year I’ve been being more vocal.

I definitely feel like people are coming at me harder than ever this year. They’re keying in on me more now, but I’ve had to deal with this ever since I started playing so it’s cool. Guys see my highlight videos on the YouTube and they want to come at me all the time. It’s nothing new. The way I handle that is to come at them even harder.

I just block all that stuff out and focus on what I have to do to get the win.

Kyrie (Irving) came out to my game a few weeks back and that was cool. I talked to him before he came to the game and he told me he was coming. Of course I love when he comes out to watch me play; he’s like a big brother to me, but I love the game so I’m always ready to play.

VIDEO: Damon Harge Jr. has three-straight jaw dropping plays in front of Kyrie Irving

I had 34 in that game and we got the win so that’s all that matters.

The recruitment is going pretty well. The latest schools to reach out are Stanford and Kansas.

It’s so early for me that I just appreciate everyone that comes out or writes me at this point.

Of course AAU is right around the corner, but I’m not even really thinking about that right now. I’m focused on winning states.

I do know that I’ll be running with Southern Stampede’s 16’s. That’ll be fun, but, like I said, I’ll tell you guys more about that after our season.

Of course I’ve been keeping up with college basketball and Oklahoma is REAL!

Buddy (Hield) is destroying college basketball! Man he’s crazy!

He’s like the Stephen Curry of the college game right now.

I watched last week when Curry played against one of the favorite players John Wall and that was one of the best battles I’ve seen! They were both killing.

OK, well, when I’m not playing or watching basketball I’m hitting the books. Man! It’s rough because I’m in honors classes and they take a lot of time and a lot of studying, but I’m getting it done. I try and work just as hard in the classroom as I do on the court.

Lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of Future, but I’m definitely ready to Drake’s new joint Views from the 6. I’m a big Drake fan, but then again everybody is!

I know everybody has big plans this weekend for Valentine’s Day, but I’ll probably just be in the gym on the VertiMax or something. Haha!

I’ve gotta keep basketball first!

OK, well let me get back to this work but I appreciate everyone reading and I’ll be back soon with another blog.

Check you later.

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