The Gary Trent Jr. Blog: Life as a Blue Devil commit, Drake's greatness and more

The Gary Trent Jr. Blog: Life as a Blue Devil commit, Drake's greatness and more

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The Gary Trent Jr. Blog: Life as a Blue Devil commit, Drake's greatness and more


Gary Trent Jr. was one of the most dominant players on the prestigious Nike EYBL and is No. 3 in the league in scoring averaging 22.2 points a game. Prolific Prep’s (Napa, Calif.) 6-foot-6 shooting guard recently committed to Duke. Now Trent, a five-star recruit in the ESPN 100, has agreed to give USA TODAY HSS exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from intimate details about his recruitment to his everyday life in a monthly blog.

Gary Trent Jr.

What’s up world, this is Trent’s Truth back at you with another blog.

I’m gonna continue to update you what’s going on in my everyday life; for starters my team has had a great start so far. We’re ranked No. 4 in the Max Preps rankings.

We had a big win over Hamilton Heights and they had two talented guards in Shai Alexander, who is going to Kentucky, and Nickeil Alexander-Walker, who I’ll see next year in the ACC when he goes to Virginia Tech.

We beat DeAndre Ayton’s team, sadly without him, the first time and we won again this past weekend.

It was a good game. We were missing two starters and I was hurt too, but I played. I was happy to get the win!

I’ve been playing great this season, I’m just working hard every game and getting better.

Life has changed a lot since I signed with Duke a couple of weeks back; for example my phone hasn’t been blowing up with a bunch of different coaches trying to persuade me to go to their school.

But I’d say the biggest thing is when we go to different games around the country people know me as Gary Trent the Duke commit.

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I’ve got so many people coming up to me asking for photos and autographs, more than ever before, and that’s been pretty cool. It’s a good feeling.

My Blue Devils are looking great right now! We lost one on a buzzer beater to Kansas and that was dreadful, but we’ve bounced back. We didn’t have three key freshmen in that game either.

We’re still trying to get fully healthy, but we’re still looking good.

Our freshmen are coming around slowly but steady. Jayson Tatum is a great player and as soon as he gets his rhythm down we’re gonna be even scarier. Same for Marques Bolden and Harry Giles when he comes back.

It’s gonna be crazy!

I’m definitely glad that my brother Wendell Carter has joined the brotherhood of Duke Basketball. He’s not only a great player, but he’s also a great person. I’m glad we’ll be able to grow our bond even stronger next year at Duke.

He’s gonna make things so much easier for me next year because he really can’t be stopped.

I’ll be able to walk right to the basket because he just commands that much attention on the court. That’s how good he is. It’s big for us!

Now there are other players that I’m gonna continue to try and get to join the brotherhood.

Mohamed Bamba is a great player that I want. He’s long and he’s fantastic defensively. I’d also love to play with Kevin Knox because of his versatility. He’s a force on the offensive end as well and he’d command a lot of attention.

Then at the point guard spot, I’m staying in touch with Trevon Duval and Matt Coleman.

Matt is a pass-first point guard, he has a certain swagger on the court that I really like, he’s a winner and he gets it done in all facets. Trevon can’t be stopped either and his athletic ability it out of this world!

I’m continuing to work on these guys and hopefully they’ll join the brotherhood at Duke.

OK, stepping away from basketball I definitely have to talk about my man Drake’s new album, which I hope will be coming out soon. He’s supposed to be giving us a release date on Apple Music soon and I cannot wait!

I’ll certainly be listening to know when more greatness will be dropped into this world!

I know he’s nominated for eight Grammys and I’m gonna go ahead and predict eight wins!

There should be nobody that should beat him in any category that he’s nominated for and if they do then you just know that it’s all rigged!

On the school side, I have a year-long project that I’m working on and it’s pretty cool.

Me and a group of students are trying to raise money to build a water well in Africa and the fundraiser we’re doing it through is called Trinity Water. We’re doing different things like movie night at our school and just looking at other ways to raise money to get this done!

I’ll give more information on that throughout the year too!

OK, everybody, again this has been another installment of Trent’s Truth, I hope you enjoyed reading and I really appreciate all the support!

I’ll be back soon to update you on everything that’s going on.

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