The Harry Giles III Blog: Rehabbing his knee, Duke's chances, DICK's Nationals and more

The Harry Giles III Blog: Rehabbing his knee, Duke's chances, DICK's Nationals and more

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The Harry Giles III Blog: Rehabbing his knee, Duke's chances, DICK's Nationals and more


Harry Giles III is ranked No. 1 overall in the ESPN 100 and is signed to Duke. He opened his senior season at Oak Hill Academy (Mouth of Wilson, Va.), but, after tearing his ACL in the season-opener, he enrolled at Forest Trail Academy (Kernersville, N.C.) to finish out his senior year back home. Giles has agreed to give USA TODAY HSS exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from intimate details about his recruitment to his everyday life in a monthly blog.


What’s good, it’s your boy HG!

It’s been a minute so let’s get it started with this new blog!

My knee is doing really good and it’s definitely getting stronger. I’m starting to feel more and more like myself each day. It feels way, way better than the last knee injury did at the same point. I’m almost four months in after surgery so I’m just rehabbing and getting closer and closer to running.

I do pool workouts whenever I go to rehab; it’s basically running in the pool for about 20 minutes.

Let me just say this: I will be ready for next season.

Yessir! Don’t worry about that at all. I can’t wait too.

I can’t front, it’s still hard not to have practice or not to have to workout in the afternoon with your teammates. That part is still hard for me because I’m used to playing or working hard every day in the gym trying to get better.

Now I’m just trying to get better in a different way though.

It’s been cool being back home with my family just getting the chance to hang out with them and my boys any chance I get. That’s cool because I head off to Duke next year and after this year nothing will be the same. It’s a great thing though!

Next year I think we’re gonna have a great team with the guys that will be there and the class that we’ve got coming in. I’ve definitely been hitting my man Marques (Bolden) telling him to come on to Duke with us. I need that! I feel pretty good about getting him. He’s a smart guy and I hope he’ll make that smart decision to come with us.

Of course watch out for my Duke boys in the tournament! We’re playing strong and I’ve got faith in them.

My Oak Hill boys are in the DICK’s Nationals and I’m definitely proud of them for that. Coach challenged them after they lost that one game early in the season not to lose again and they answered. That’s big! Now we’ve just gotta go in there and play hard. I think they’ll be OK down there in New York City.

Who knows I may make an appearance; don’t count me out.

I was definitely excited to make the Jordan Classic even though I won’t be able to play because of the knee. It was an honor because it shows what they see in me. I’m heading to the Nike Hoop Summit next month and that’s something else I’m really excited about because USA Basketball is like my second family. I’ve been on the team three years now and I’ve built a lot of close relationships since I’ve been there. To come back and be a part of it in any way is a big deal for me.

School is going good; I’ve only got a couple more classes to finish up and then I’ll be graduating pretty soon. I’ll keep you guys updated on that too!

OK world, that’s another blog down and, as always, I appreciate you tuning in. Check back soon for the next one.

It’s your boy HG and I’m out!

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