The Kevin Knox Blog: Duke in-home, texting with Wright and Williams before the title and more

Kevin Knox is an elite wing with “wow” factor athleticism, a  reliable jump shot and a motor that won’t quit; evident in why he’s ranked No. 6 overall in the ESPN 60. Knox claimed a gold medal last summer at the FIBA Americas U16 Championship and pumped in 30 points and 11 rebounds a game at Tampa Catholic (Tampa, Fla.) this season. That kind of production has college basketball heavyweights like Duke, North Carolina, Kansas, Maryland, Florida and Florida State, among many others, all in hot pursuit. Now Knox has agreed to give USA TODAY HSS exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from intimate details about his recruitment to his everyday life in a blog.

Kevin Knox

What’s up world, getting ready to get another blog in; the first one was a success so I hope you guys like this one too.

It was cool to see the blog do so well on the first one. Everybody liked it and read it so that was cool. A lot of kids at my school got offended by me saying I was the NBA2K King, but it was all fun and jokes!

We had our awards banquet this past weekend and I won the Player of the Year for my classification and my county and I led the county in scoring so it was a good season; now that it’s over I’m just focusing on working out.

I wake up, go to school, lift weights with the football team after school then I workout with my trainer at night.

I’m ready for the EYBL to start this weekend in Brooklyn! I definitely feel like we’ve got a talented team that will do big things this season.

We just came off our own E1T1 tournament and we won big! I did really well; I was the high scorer in most of the games, but all of us played well together. It’s gonna take everybody doing their part to win the Peach Jam and that’s our goal.

Recruiting is going pretty cool; it was cool to text with both Coach Roy Williams and Coach Jay Wright just before the national championship game last week. It’s cool to be in this position to be able to talk to those coaches and get to know them. I had UNC winning the game because I had them winning from the start, but both of those teams had a great season and they told me they looked forward to seeing me in the spring.

I checked on Coach K too because he had a procedure so that was cool too. I had an in-home visit with Duke last week and it was definitely a 10 out of 10. Coach K couldn’t make it because he said he didn’t want to be hopping around on crutches the whole time, but I had a great talk with Coach Capel. We ordered pizza and just sat and talked. He went over everything with me. He talked about how much freedom I would have there and even compared me to Brandon Ingram and the situation he was in. He talked to me about some of the other players they were looking to get and a lot of different stuff.

Coach K texted me the next day asking me how much I liked the visit and apologized for not being able to make it.

It was a great visit.

I don’t have any visits planned right now because the EYBL season is starting up. I might take some after. I’m planning to cut my list down after the summer so I’ll take more visits then too.

A lot of people ask me if I have a package deal with anyone in the class, and I know some guys in my class have different package deals but, as of now, I’m not really focused on that.

A little over a week ago I was in Chicago for the adidas event called The Path.

It was really cool; we learned a lot about health and nutrition, did a photo shoot and had a practice at the NBA Pre-Draft place in Chicago. I’m definitely looking forward to the next one next month in Santa Barbara. In June we go to Australia so we’re all pretty excited about it.

Of course they had NBA2K going down there too and I heard that Billy (Preston), P.J. (Washington) and Gary (Trent) were all going back and forth with it. I didn’t get a chance to play because I had a really early flight so I couldn’t show them the skills, but I’m sure we’ll have one in Santa Barbara so I’ll get it in there.

We get out of school on June 10 and I’m definitely ready for that date.

I’m focused in the classroom because you can’t have basketball without that. All of my teachers love me and I stay after for tutoring all the time to make sure that I have everything down. I take the ACT next week so I’ve been getting ready for that.

On the music side, I’ve been listening to a lot of Young Thug because Slime Season 3 is finally out. It’s decent; I’d say there about three or four good songs on it. Then I listen to this song called Panda; that’s my favorite song right now.

OK, people this is Kevin ending my second blog so I hope you liked it. I think it was pretty good; even better than my first one.

Check me out soon because I’ll be back soon with another one.

I’ll catch you guys on the flipside.

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