The Michael Porter Jr. Blog: State title in sight, teaming up with Trae Young, 4.0 GPA and more

The Michael Porter Jr. Blog: State title in sight, teaming up with Trae Young, 4.0 GPA and more

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The Michael Porter Jr. Blog: State title in sight, teaming up with Trae Young, 4.0 GPA and more


Michael Porter Jr. is ranked No. 3 overall in the ESPN 60 and after dominating his sophomore season he’s doing the same on the AAU circuit. Porter already has a who’s who of college basketball’s most elite – Kentucky, Duke, Kansas, North Carolina, Virginia, Missouri and lots more – all giving chase. Porter has agreed to give USA TODAY HSS exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from intimate details about his recruitment to his everyday life in a monthly blog.

Michael Porter Jr.

What’s going on everybody!

Sorry it’s been a while since my last blog, but I’ve been focusing on my season, but I’m back now and so I hope y’all like it.

Right now we only have three losses. We lost two at the City of Palms and then we lost one last week to Vashon. I think that last is gonna end up being a really good thing for us because it showed us that we can’t just show up and beat people. I think we were getting a little content as a team and that shook us up.

Vashon was No. 1 in the class above us.

We lost last year in the state quarterfinals and this year we’re the favorite to win states for our class.

I would definitely say that we’ve had a lot of pressure on us because we’ve had high expectations all year, but, again, after losing last week I think we see what we’re gonna have to do to get this done.

There are no egos on our team, we’re back to the basics and we’re focused.

As far as my recruitment things are going pretty good. I’ve been staying in touch with Oklahoma a lot more now that Trae (Young) has been talking to me more about them. They’re recruiting him too and, of course, I’ve told y’all before that we want to play together in college.

Right now I’d put that chance at about 80 percent. We really want to do it, but it’s gotta be right for both of us and we both understand that. Some schools I’d only go to if he was going and some schools he may not want to go to, but we’re taking our time with it and we’re trying to make it work.

Oh let me just give me boy Trae a shoutout real quick on the year that he’s having! He dropped 60 the other night and he’s been killing all year so shoutout to him! Sometimes guys get jealous of other elite players dominating and things like that, but, me, I always want my friends to dominate. I love it!

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Oklahoma offered me a long time ago, but since we’ve been talking more they’re a school I’m considering more. It definitely doesn’t hurt that they’re having a big year. I like Coach Kruger, he’s a player’s coach and I really like their style of play. Their big men rebound, block shots and outlet it to the guards who do more of the scoring. It’s fast paced and fun.

Other than Oklahoma, I’ve been in touch with Kansas, Missouri and Washington a lot recently, but the other schools are definitely still in the mix too.

I try and talk to coaches on Wednesdays and Thursdays for about an hour, but that schedule gets away from me with practices and things like that. Now I just call them back when I get time and do it like that.

Coach (Lorenzo) Romar calls me before every game; right before he walks out onto the floor so that’s pretty cool.

I don’t have anything set in stone with my schedule as far as visits, but my parents are really trying to schedule some visits for me when time permits.

It was definitely cool to see a lot of my guys that I play with and against during the season and on the circuit make the McDonald’s All American Game and the Jordan Brand Classic. One guy I was really proud of was Kyle Guy, we’ve been best friends for a while. Growing up we had no idea we’d be on this stage, we just hoped we would so seeing him make it was like a dream come true for me.

It definitely motivated me to work harder so I could put myself in a place to, hopefully, be in the same position next year.

School is going great! I have a 4.0 GPA and my goal is to have that for my whole high school career. We’re about to end our third quarter so I’m just trying to finish strong.

Oh I have to tell you guys that I saw that movie The Boy recently and I thought it was trash. It was supposed to be scary, but it was just terrible.

On the music side I really like Lecrae’s new album! Definitely check that out.

OK everybody thanks again for reading my blog! I’ll be back with another one soon!

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The Michael Porter Jr. Blog: State title in sight, teaming up with Trae Young, 4.0 GPA and more
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