The Mohamed Bamba Blog: White House visit, bonding with coaches, A Boogie and more

The Mohamed Bamba Blog: White House visit, bonding with coaches, A Boogie and more

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The Mohamed Bamba Blog: White House visit, bonding with coaches, A Boogie and more


Mohamed Bamba, the No. 3 overall player in the ESPN 100, made history last season when he led Westtown School to its first state title in any sport since the school’s inception in 1799. He dominated the Nike Peach Jam this summer averaging 17 points and 13 rebounds a game for the PSA Cardinals (N.Y.) and has everyone from Kentucky to Texas to Harvard to North Carolina among many others all in hot pursuit. Now he’s agreed to give fans exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from his recruitment to his daily routine in a blog with USA Today Sports.

Mohamed Bamba

Hey, whattup y’all, Mo Bamba here kicking off my new USA Today blog; I’m super excited for it so let’s see what’s in store!

I just got back from the Nike event in the Bahamas; it was cool and very relaxing. We visited the White House before we went there and that was also great; bummed I didn’t get to meet President Obama, but it was a great experience.

I feel like I played well this summer, but there are definitely areas that I still need to improve on. I want to make all the “cons” in my game to “pros”. For example, I want to get stronger and I want to get into better shape. My diet is changing, but not drastically; not yet. I’m drinking more protein shakes and eating more fish and nuts and things like that.

It’s gonna be tough to give up fast food; I’m not doing it just yet, but I know I’ll have to eventually. I’ll still eat burgers every now and then, but I’m talking about Burger King and things like that.

I’ll get there.

I think the highlight of the summer was when I was in Chile with the USA U18 team and all of the locals over there were chanting my name. They got a kick out of the fact that my name had Spanish roots and my teammates joined in. It was crazy!

As for my recruitment, it’s going pretty well. I was aiming to cut my list last week on my mom’s birthday, but the more I thought about it I felt like that was a little childish.

I didn’t want to play around with it by setting dates and things like that. This is a major decision that I am putting a lot in to and I’m just focused on doing my part by getting to know the coaches and going on these visits and gathering information.

There’s no timetable to cut any list.

One of my favorite parts about this process is getting to know the coaches. I love talking to Coach Shaka at Texas. I think it’s because he’s a little younger and he always finds a way to connect with me. I love talking to Coach Cal too; he always finds a way to teach me something in our conversations. I know he’s dedicated to me getting better.

A coach I’ve started talking to more is Coach Amaker. He’s really good at displaying what Harvard can do for me, not just as a basketball player, but also as a businessman.

I’ve got a great relationship with Coach Ollie at Connecticut too. Same for Coach Turgeon at Maryland; he really looked out for me when we were in Chile. And Coach Beilein is just really wise. He’s a guy you can just learn a lot from.

People always ask me what the perfect fit for me would be and I’ve learned that “I don’t know” for an answer is a good answer. The truth is things change every day and you learn things every day about the schools.

I do want a school with a great fan base and a school with a great network. I just want to be at a school that I can have a sense of pride in. I want to be able to look back and say that I was proud that I went there for four years.

Now that the summer is winding down I’ve been home a lot more and when I’m home more my mom takes full advantage of me being there and she makes me do lots of chores! Haha!

When I’m not doing that I chill in the neighborhood and talk to the younger kids, hang with my family, playing NBA 2K or I read.

Right now I’m reading the book Indentured, which I think is a book every prospective NCAA athlete should read. I’ll keep you guys posted on how it turns out, but so far it’s really good.

On the music side, I’m mostly listening to A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie.

I feel like he’s the representation of me off the court, as far as his work ethic and him coming from nothing. I can definitely relate to him so I would definitely tell you guys to check his music out.

OK everybody this is Mo Bamba signing out; I’ll talk to you guys again soon on my next blog.

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