The Soda Investigation

The Soda Investigation


The Soda Investigation

Unearthing A Cover Up?


Unearthing A Cover Up?

March 22nd, Students walk into school like every other Monday and are weary of another week of public education. This would be different for some though, borderline detrimental to others leaving students flat out annoyed standing in the halls asking “Why?” You may be asking yourself, “What happened on March 22nd?” or “What did I miss?”

Well, that was the day that prices for the vending machines would be increased by fifty cents. That may not seem too bad, but finding exact change can be a pain for some. That wasn’t the only hit students would take though, as finding out the machines won’t be accessible until one p.m. each day. Not allowing students to get their beloved drinks. That is until the Snack Shack decided to sell Coke products weeks later for two dollars; increasing prices by a dollar from the original price.

I decided to find reasoning for these unannounced actions on the part of Coke and the school. The first place to start was the number on the side of the machine. This led us to customer service. We told them we were inquiring about the rise in prices and the time lock. The Coke employee transferred us to Coke headquarters, in one minute it seemed we made great jumps in the case. The success would be short lived of course.

The headquarters would send us straight back to customer service before I could even say we were just there and they couldn’t help. Waiting for customer service to answer yet again, hearing someone pick the phone up, then hang up. So Coke was a dead end, but would the school relinquish what was hiding behind the shady business going on?

Deterred by what happened with Coke we were unsure of where to begin with the school. Who would answer the questions we had? So we went straight to the food director of Chartiers Valley. After a couple of missed attempts to get a meeting with the food director Sara Zrimsek, we managed to obtain a chance to discuss our concerns. Sara was able to clarify every question we had prepared.

Q: Why were the prices increased?

-Coke enforced these rises in prices because there hasn’t been an up charge in five years. Which is very remarkable and we should feel thankful it has been so long.

Q: Why the time lock until one p.m. on vending?

-The DA regulates that Coke machines are supposed to end a half hour after school has ended. I was able to work out a deal that allowed the coke machines to be opened early.

Q: Why does CV sell coke products now and why is it more?

-CV still wants the students to have their access to soda products to counter the machines being shut down until 1 P.M. It costs more because they must buy the products from Coke and they buy it for the same price students must. The problem is making money on it for the school “how many hands are being dipped into the pot” was brought up a lot.

Thank you Sara for all your answers. Hopefully your answers help others understand.

These drastic changes should be addressed to the students because they are the consumer. We deserve to know “why?” There may be other things that we haven’t found out yet; things that need explained to us. That is why students were so upset about the changes. When not informed, people


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