The Stairway to Seven!

The Stairway to Seven!


The Stairway to Seven!


downloadThe regular season has come to an end for the National Football League (NFL). It’s playoff time now! Do or die! It is now the time where 12 teams battle it out to be the National champion. One team to be the Cinderella story of this post-season are the Pittsburgh Steelers. They have a very good history in Superbowl championships, being the only team in the NFL with a total of 6 Superbowl titles. They are now trying to add a seventh and it is being portrayed as a very manageable goal for the team.

The Steelers are going into Cincinnati where they will being competing against the Bengals in the Wild Card. The game starts at 8:15 eastern time.

This year’s offense for Pittsburgh started slow, but as the season progressed MVP candidate  wide receiver Antonio Brown along with Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger have been lighting it up on the field the past 6 games. Averaging of 30 points per game, with Ben averaging a whopping 298 passing yards per game and Antonio Brown with an average of 16 receptions and 147 yards per game. Some say this might be the best duo in the game of football this year.

With the offense lighting it up there is no need to worry and the NFL might as well just give the trophy to the Steelers. Oh, but wait. The defense is a whole other story. They are 29th in touchdowns allowed, which shows the amount of weight they have been putting on the offense to pull through and put enough points on the board for the win.

Here is what some students from a local Pittsburgh High School had to say. Chartiers Valley Junior Quinn Boyle stated, “I honestly believe this team could bring a seventh trophy back, the team just needs to bond together and the defense needs to kick it in high gear; then we can roll through the playoffs. Hopefully.”

Lastly Junior Jack Barlow from CV says ” The Steelers these past few weeks showed why they deserved a spot in the playoffs and have just as good of a chance to win it all as much as any other team.”


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