The Trae Young Blog: State title focus, slow jams, KU coaches dabbing and more

Trae Young is one of the most dynamic and electrifying scorers in the country, regardless of class, pumping in 35.4 points and handing out 8.2 assists per game for Norman North (Norman, Okla.) this season. Young, a junior who is ranked No. 20 overall in the ESPN 100, was plenty dominant on the Nike EYBL last summer as well, averaging 19 points, four rebounds and five assists a game, despite playing alongside No. 3 overall junior Michael Porter Jr. with Mokan Elite. Young is down to Missouri, Oklahoma State, Kansas, Oklahoma, Stanford, Texas, Virginia, Duke, Kentucky, Texas Tech and SMUHe’s agreed to give USA TODAY HSS exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from intimate details about his recruitment to his everyday life in a blog.

Trae Young

What’s up world!

I’m Trae and this is my first blog with USA Today so I hope you guys enjoy it.

Last week we had regionals and this week we’ve got area then hopefully we keep it going so we can get to states next week.

The year has been great so far.

I feel like we’re clicking as a team and I’m pretty confident that if we stay together we can get this done. We’re definitely one of the favorites, but we just have to take it one game at a time. It would be the first state title in the school’s history so we’re motivated!

I knew I would have to pick up my scoring this year and so I worked really hard in the offseason to be ready for that. I averaged 23 points a game my sophomore year and this year I’m averaging 35.4 points and 8.2 assists a game.

We didn’t go as far as we wanted to last season and I put a lot of that on myself. This year I just wanted to do anything the team needed, and I feel like I’m a lot more efficient and that was a big goal for me.

I won USA Today’s Chef of the Week award for my 60-point game recently and that was an honor!

That was my career high and it was definitely a fun game; I made the first three three-pointers of the game and I knew it was on. I just felt like I couldn’t miss and my teammates just kept finding me. It was a crazy feeling! Definitely awesome!

My recruitment has been fun!

I think the best part is just building the relationships with the coaches; Coach Calipari is in contact with me every week as well as Coach Kruger, Coach Self, Coach Bennett all of them.

It was funny, I went on an unofficial visit to Kansas recently when they got the big win over Kentucky and the players were dancing in the locker room after the game. Then I looked over to my right and I see Coach Jerrance Howard dabbing! Haha!

I didn’t know he could dance like that, but he was killin’ it!

Those are the types of things that make the recruitment a lot of fun.

I narrowed my list down recently to 11. In no order I’m down to Missouri, Oklahoma State, Kansas, Oklahoma, Stanford, Texas, Virginia, Duke, Kentucky, Texas Tech and SMU.  Although I’m down to 11, at this point, there’s only 4-to-5 that I’m following closely.

I don’t have any plans for visits right now, but when the season is over with I’ll get out to some schools.

I’ve been talking to my boy Mike (Porter) about which schools we like the most. I know Mike has told you guys in his blog that we want to go to college and play together so we’re definitely focusing on that.

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Of course AAU is right around the corner and we’re gonna have a great team with me, Mike, his not-so-little brother Jontay and a couple of other talented players. I feel like we have the talent to win it all this year! That’s the goal.

It was cool to see a lot of the guys I play against make the Jordan and McDonald’s games recently. I always played a year up so I’ve played against all of those guys since I started and seeing them fulfill their dreams was big. I definitely want to be in that position next year. It motivated me to continue to get better.

OK, stepping away from basketball, I’m gonna talk about school a little. My grades are good right now, but I recently got a 29 on the ACT and I was really proud of that. I definitely take pride in my schoolwork and keeping my grades up.

In my science class we had to dissect a pig and that was super gross! I didn’t like that at all. I definitely don’t like dissecting any animals!

Oh I have to tell you guys about a movie my dad just put me on to: Training Day! I know it’s not new but I had never seen it. It’s definitely becoming one of my favorite movies though! Check it out if you haven’t already.

On the music side, I would definitely tell everyone to pick up that new Future, but what most people don’t know about me is that I’m more of a slow jams kinda guy.

I like Boyz II Men and New Edition! That’s just me!

Aight thanks everyone for hearing me out on my first blog. Hope you liked it and I want you to come back soon for my next one.


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