VIDEO: A-Rod's daughter has a mean bat flip game

Alex Rodriguez may be done with baseball, but his daughters are just getting going.

In a Wednesday Tweet, Rodriguez showed himself pitching to his younger daughter, Ella Rodriguez. It wasn’t quite full-on baseball, but Ella showcased a mean swing while wielding a whiffle bat, making contact on a pair of offerings from her Dad before unleashing a bat flip that would make Jose Bautista proud.

Seriously, let’s focus on the flip here, folks. Ella definitely got at least 8-10 feet on that flip, which is saying something considering the fact that she’s just 8-years-old and about 4-foot-nothing. Her impromptu celebratory trot was also A-rate.

Sadly, we’ve yet to see video surface of older sister Natasha celebrating a whiffle ball drive. At 12, she’s getting close to school-aged, which means we may still be seeing her celebrations on a field or court of some sort in the not-too-distant future.

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