VIDEO: Craziest soccer goal you've ever seen (with a sad ending)

HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo. – You literally “can’t even” after watching something as spectacular as what happened during Saturday’s ThunderRidge versus Columbine boys’ soccer game. And we’re not kidding.

As also noted by For The Win, During the second half, Rebel junior Dylan Prichett-Ettner found himself in a foot race with the opposing keeper. They got to the ball simultaneously and then: the keeper went down, and Dylan went up. Like, way up. He did a front flip with a half twist, NAILED the landing, then proceeded to score. Absolutely incredible.

Here’s the kicker (pun intended): the goal didn’t count. Turns out, the referees decided Prichett-Ettner was offside. So yeah. That was a bummer. But still, have you ever seen anything like it?!

Watch the video on repeat. We still can’t figure out how he did it.


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