VIDEO: Georgia school pulls off perfect OL pass-for-TD fake punt play

Usually, a fake punt that is snapped directly to someone besides the punter results in that player making a mad dash for a first down or end zone. Not for Griffin, Georgia.

Rather, Griffin lined up in a traditional punting formation during Friday’s 56-49, opening round playoff victory against Warner Robbins. Rather than snap the ball to the punter, the shotgun hike went directly to sophomore defensive lineman Michael Webb, lined up as a fullback, who made a clean snag of the snap, rolled right and lobbed out a perfect arced pass that resulted in a long, 63-yard touchdown play.

It was clean, it was clever, it thoroughly bamboozled Warner Robbins, and in a game that was eventually decided on a one-touchdown advantage, it was every bit as decisive as a number of other key Griffin plays in the victory.

None of which is to say we would advocate Webb giving up his responsibilities along the line for a future dropping back in pass formation. Sure, he made a solid pass, but it as hardly textbook either in his form or the arc of the ball. Of course, the pass got the job done, which is the most important factor and surely enough to keep Griffin fans excited about the playoff road ahead.

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