VIDEO: Tennessee duo connects on wild backflip catch

It’s the middle of football offseason, with spring workouts the only activity on the horizon. No matter, there’s still terrific football highlights to savor, none more so than this wild backflip catch from the weight room at a Tennessee football power.

The setting for the video above, which was dug up by MaxPreps, is Maryville High School, some 30 minutes from downtown Knoxville. The protagonists in question are sophomore wide receiver Will White, who was throwing the pass, and classmate and fellow receiver Noah Humphreys, who made one of the more acrobatic grabs you’ll ever see.

Sure, the play came without pads on, and it came in the middle of the offseason in a weight room, with no one watching to realize that it was taking place. Does that mean that Humphreys couldn’t duplicate the feat during the season with the cameras on?

Of course it does! The point is, that doesn’t diminish just how impressive and athletic a feat Humphreys’ grab is. Let’s all enjoy it for what it is (and maybe wait to see if the duo dares to try the feat in warmups during the season, with pads on, of course).

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